DC Comics reviews 3/16/21 – Justice League #59, Nightwing #78

Nightwing #78

nightwing #78

In fairness it really didn’t matter what title Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo got to kick off Infinite Frontier. It could have been ‘Mazing Man or Captain Carrot and the Amazing Zoo Crew and the results would have been spectacular. That this duo got Nightwing seems to make good on the promise made years ago to make Nightwing’s title just as important as his mentor.

It took about all of seven pages to show that DC editorial made the right call. Taylor has regularly shown a rare ability to capture the core of DC characters even in alternate realities. Then alongside Redondo, he introduced a new Suicide Squad that felt every bit as fresh and original as the acclaimed John Ostrander run.

To get Taylor/Redondo on Nightwing is a big time coup for DC as it assures a fanbase that endured a lengthy amnesia storyline that they’ll be reading the best absolute version of Dick Grayson.

Like seemingly every character he writes, Taylor gets Nightwing’s voice — the humor, the confidence, the playfulness that innately makes him DC’s most natural equivalent to Spider-Man. It’s refreshing reading Taylor’s take on Nightwing and some familiar supporting cast members (some in flashback and present day sequences)

Redondo is a top tier artist who’s patiently waited for this kind of opportunity. His linework is gorgeous and his expressive characters are some of the best in comics today. Not to mention a tremendous sense of staging dramatic action sequences.

Some creative teams like to go to high profile books as the title ensures a steady, rarely wavering readership. Others, like Taylor and Rendo, prefer to go to books that need a little push to reach their full level of greatness. By this time next year I’ll be shocked if Nightwing isn’t one of DC’s best selling titles simply off the strength of this stellar creative team.

Rating: 10 out of 10