Mattel reveals WWE Ultimate Edition Stone Cold, Ric Flair figures

Happy Stone Cold Day in whatever bar you’re celebrating today. For us figure collectors that means we get the final photographs of the WWE Ultimate Edition Stone Cold Steve Austin and Ric Flair figures.

wwe ultimate edition stone cold steve austin -close up-001

It’s hard to see needing another Stone Cold figure after this one as this figure captures a lot of his iconic expressions and has a worthwhile amount of accessories.

wwe ultimate edition stone cold steve austin - figure with all accessories

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I’m glad Flair also made the cut for the line relatively early and we got an iconic NWA version as opposed to a WWF tenure figure complete with Four Horsemen gesture hands!

wwe ultimate edition ric flair -close up

The one crummy thing here is of course we won’t be able to eventually get Ultimate Edition figures of Flair’s longtime Four Horsemen running mates Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard since both are in AEW. Maybe w can get a Barry Windham?

wwe ultimate edition ric flair - four horsemen pose

Personal mini-gripe: I wish Mattel went with white boots here although the lavender boots are a combo he wore with the purple tights so this isn’t a botched color combination.

It’s too bad a third head couldn’t fit in the budget as I would have loved to have a more serious expression similar to the reference photo on the rear.

wwe ultimate edition ric flair - wide shot

What do you think about the Ultimate Edition Stone Cold and Flair figures?

Photo Credit: Mattel