Image Comics reviews 3/17/21 – Kick-Ass vs Hit-Girl #5

The Patience Lee era of Kick-Ass has been remarkably consistent. There was never an off issue where plot and art failed to come together or just an outright awful installment. Writer Steve Niles and artist Marcelo Frusin stayed locked in throughout this run, which culminated in the final showdown of Kick-Ass vs Hit-Girl #5.

Patience has just about dealt with all of the obstacles in eliminating the criminal gang element in her city. She just has a few more names to cross off her list and deal with the pesky Hit-Girl.

Niles crafts the story largely from Patience’s perspective so Mindy comes off like an unrelenting psychopath. It’s the proper read on both characters as they feel authentic to how they’ve been portrayed over the last few years.

And when it’s time to actually deliver on the Kick-Ass vs Hit-Girl battle promised, Niles delivers with a big time main event style confrontation.


Frusin has such a strong sense of storytelling that he’s able to frame the action sequences in a way that makes it easy for readers to fill in what’s taking place off panel without losing that feeling of momentum.

Sunny Gho’s instincts are always on point in terms of the right blends of light and dark colors and when it’s perfectly acceptable to have brighter colors in scenes others would skew towards darker choices.

Niles nicely wraps up the Patience era while still leaving the door open for future Kick-Ass installments. This mini-series lived up to the hype and promise of two of comics’ deadliest killers going toe-to-toe with a definitive winner declared by the finale.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics

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