Superman and Lois: Haywire review S1 E4

Haywire was another really solid episode of Superman & Lois. The show hasn’t worked out all of its kinks, but it’s showing some amazing consistency four episodes in.

Gen. Lane is upset no one told him about the boys having powers and he transfers that frustration on guilting Clark into focusing on a prison transfer of a dangerous tech menace Killgrave (Brendan Fletcher). Fletcher is a solid character actor although he had a lengthy and pretty memorable arc as a villain on Arrow so it’s odd he was chosen for this villain of the week role. Killgrave seemed like a perfectly standard tech Superman foe that overpowers Clark for a moment before he rallies and beats him.

Lane keeps overstepping his boundaries, but this dynamic very much feels like an overbearing father-in-law even if his son-in-law is Superman.

I’m still really not care about this teen football drama. Jonathan is jealous despite being the backup QB who wouldn’t start anyway. Now one of the wide receivers, Taj (Wern Lee), is having some weird shaking issues with his hand going all haywire and is lashing out.

superman and lois - haywire review - superman and gen. lane

My biggest frustration with the show, and it’s not a complaint specific to Haywire, is Clark and Lois are perfectly capable of carrying multiple subplots and are strong enough characters to more than keep me invested. Yet probably earlier than necessary, the writers are divvying up screen time with the twins, Lana & Kyle, Sam and the football team.

Not that these areas don’t warrant some development, but it’s the Black Lightning issue all over again where the main title character basically starts the series fighting for screen time with the supporting cast.

Because seriously? I would completely be sold on watching an Elizabeth Tulloch-focused Lois Lane show. Tulloch absolutely nails all of the elements that make Lois such a great character and makes it look easy. And with Lois’ knack for finding big stories and trouble, it really wouldn’t be that big a stretch for her adventures to sustain a series for many years. That final payoff scene when she chews out Gen. Lane was really great.


Morgan Edge doesn’t seem the type to go for Lana. Lana called Kyle out for not noticing Morgan made her uncomfortable. Maybe it was the accent?

Starting Kyle and Lana’s marriage on the ropes wasn’t the best way to establish them as we have no rooting interest in them working through this extended rough patch. It’s like ‘oh, just get a divorce already. No one cares.’ Their make good scene was the first time I’ve actually viewed them as a couple that conceivably was ever in love.

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It was nice to see Lois and Lana just kicking it without any hint of a stupid love triangle. It is perfectly acceptable and encouraged for women to be friends. This was something Supergirl did an excellent job of in Season 3. Too often it feels like writers take the lazy approach and make two women either romantic rivals or immediately start trying to figure out a way to put them together as a couple.

Speaking of, Clark’s romantic date night with Lois was a nice touch and showed he’s always trying to make Lois a priority even if the rest of the world would be in chaos without him. If only he had a relative who could help out on these global disasters…

How would Edge’s lawyers know about a story Lois hasn’t filed yet? Are they hacking the Smallville Gazette? Maybe Lois should call up Iris to get advice about creating a blog.

superman and lois - haywire review - leslie and morgan edge

And just to keep things interesting, we learn why Edge has been so invested in Smallville. A meteorite crashed and it created a cavern full of Kryptonite. Being the considerate ruthless billionaire that he is, Edge went through the proper legal channels to buy the property. Can’t say he’s that bad a season villain then, I suppose…

Haywire navigated the various subplots better than some episodes and it continues to show the delicate balancing act of getting this right. So far, Superman and Lois is standing just fine.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW

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