The Flash: Mother review S7 E3

Mother essentially wrapped the sixth season of The Flash three episodes in to Season 7. It’s been a weird year and if any show warranted a mulligan for an uneven final act to its most recent season, it was The Flash.

Between a global pandemic, old Tweets from a major supporting cast member resurfacing and a dramatic rise in the level of superhero TV competition, it was a perfect storm to render the conclusion of the Mirror Verse arc shattered.

Barry got his emotions back and Team Flash is on the same page. That’s the good news. The bad is Iris’ brain waves are scrambled after being forcibly dragged out of the Mirror Verse and his Speed Force is gone again. I’ve lost count how often this arc has gone with the Barry’s lost his speed angle, but it feels like a lot. 

Eva is busy swapping out everyone in Central City with Mirror Verse duplicates. Seems like the Mirror Verse is getting pretty crowded now…

the flash - mother review - caitlin and cisco


Good thing Team Flash has some reinforcements by way of Sue…and a melted face Ralph. I’m not sure if this was supposed to be some burn….(ah…) on Hartley Sawyer, but it came off really silly. I still don’t understand why it was so hard to just say Ralph’s face is stuck looking like someone else and recast the character they’ve invested in over three seasons. And Sue asking Cisco if she can fix Ralph provides the out literally right there!

Eva ports Barry over for a Mirror Verse chat where she declares herself mother to a better world, one without all the problems Barry has failed to prevent or end as his time as The Flash. Fair point, but replacing the population with mirror reflections is hardly fixing the problem there, mother. 

As all hope seems lost, Harrison Wells ports in and explains he’s basically the HIVE collective of the Wells with the ability to pop in and out of time. Handy when you need a random cameo from Wells.

the flash - mother review - harrison wells

You’ll never believe what he advises Barry to do. If you said ‘run, Barry, run’ go cash that lottery ticket. It’s kind of gone from a catchphrase to being forced for no reason. But this Barry realizes he needs to run for his love of Iris, his lightning rod. I didn’t realize Barry was running selfishly all this time and it’s probably best not to get bogged down in Speed Force physics.

Still, it was nice to get some callback to Barry’s time in Crisis when he was named the paragon of love. They really should get all of the rest of the paragons together sometime. What’s this? Kate Kane isn’t around anymore? This seems like really big news guys. Why isn’t anyone discussing Kate’s whereabouts on Batwoman???

the flash - mother review - iris and barry

The Iris lightning rod (patent pending) technique works as Barry has his powers back. Not that they’ll help against Eva because she’s faster than Barry(?) Time for a rocking extreme fight with Team Flash and Eva’s personal clone army. Hopefully they don’t have any hidden orders in their programming…

Eventually, Barry and Iris convince Eva, who’s either now Mother or Mirror Monarch depending on the moment, that letting her reflections and duplicates run wild over Central City isn’t all that nice. Convicted and remembering that she actually did aspire to be a good person, Eva recalls all her dupes and returns the regular folks back.

And since she didn’t kill anyone…save Carver and a slew of Black Hole agents, apparently Barry is fine with her returning to the Mirror Verse and starting her mother career over again. That doesn’t seem right to me, but I’m not rolling around in a red spandex outfit either.


Time for some goodbyes. Ralph is now wearing a Daft Punk style helmet while he recovers. I heard there’s an opening for this gimmick and he and Sue are off to deal with Black Hole threats far, far away. 

It’s hard to care about this Wells farewell as the only thing more overdone on the series besides killing off a Wells is the tearful season ending emotional goodbye to a Wells. #OverIt

the flash - mother review - cecile and joe

We get a flashback to a few hours ago when Lightning Rod Iris triggered the device to help Barry get his speed back and the sky lights up with lightning of various colors. Is it time for the Flash Corps?

Well…Mother finally wrapped up Season 6 and all of its long extinguished momentum.

With Disney+ shows like WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier raising the level of the superhero TV genre (albeit in much shorter installments) and the overall quality of Superman & Lois and Stargirl, is it safe to wonder how many more miles The Flash has left in the tank? It’s feeling a little too stagnant and it just seems to be running in place at this point.

the flash - mother review - chester, caitlin, allegra and cisco

Maybe the unofficial kickoff to Season 7 will provide some insight. What’d you think of Season 6’s finale?

Rating: 6 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW