IDW Comics reviews 3/17/21 – G.I. Joe Castle Fall review

The alternate GI Joe series hits a game changing switch to the status quo in Castle Fall. Cobra has run the world for years and the scattered Joe team is preparing to finally make a major strike back by capturing Dr. Mindbender.

It’s a major initiative for this makeshift team, but they’re ready to put this long in development plan into operation. But one slight hiccup threatens to derail everything.

Writer Paul Allor has done a solid job of establishing this new Cobra World Order, but he understands the importance of giving the Joes a big win. How that plays out is surprising and there’s a number of shocking scenes in Castle Fall.


As the title implies, the focus on Castle Fall is a crack in the indomitable Cobra machine and what the Joes will risk (it all) to turn the tide.

Chris Evenhuis’ art has been steady and reliable throughout the series and even with a double-sized issue that consistency is intact. My only gripe remains the design choices for the team is such a drastic departure from the familiar Real American Hero attires.

Brittany Peer’s color work is smooth with just the right amount of dark blacks and emerging light to simulate the tone of the story.

Allor definitely shakes up the direction of the series with Castle Fall, which is a welcome shift for a book that needed the Joes to come out ahead for a change.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: IDW Publishing

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