Superman and Lois: The Best of Smallville review S1 E5

While The Best of Smallville wasn’t Superman and Lois’ strongest episode so far, it’s a testament to the consistency of the series that it was another highly entertaining installment.

It’s time for Harvest Fest and Clark is geeking out over the annual tradition to help improve Smallville. One thing that’s unique about Superman and Lois’ take on Superman is his aww shucks and somewhat corny attitude isn’t his extra sell job to be nondescript in Metropolis — it’s just his personality.

This effectively blurs the line with Superman’s Big Blue Boy Scout persona and makes for a terrific take on both Clark and Superman.

Clark is hyped that Jordan has a date, which means this week’s it’s Jonathan’s week to be a jerk once his girlfriend dumps him.  At least the writers use the young Clark flashbacks to show that even he could be a jerk. Sadly no Superboy sighting — just Clark in a ski mask.

Just for one week (or three) I’d love for both Jordan and Jonathan to just be cool and not have stupid arguments with Lois and Clark. Of course that’s probably what most parents of teenagers would hope for too so I suppose it’s realistic.

It continues to amaze me how the CW Verse shows typically take the teenager’s side in heated discussions with their parents. Rarely is the teen in the right, yet it’s the parent apologizing for trying to instill a little discipline and responsibility.

superman and lois the best of smallville review - captain luthor and lois

Speaking of children, Sharon Powell’s son, Derek, mysteriously showed up after being missing for weeks and being presumed dead. He’s clearly not right with splitting headaches that trigger his heat vision (?) that burn up the Harvest Fest donations. Hopefully Smallville still has a K-Mart and a $75 gift card to replace all the lost items.

The Lang household drama is kind of a snoozer this week as Kyle gets drunk after one of his firefighter buddies gets badly hurt battling the Harvest Fest donation site blaze. Honestly, this seemed like a perfectly excusable time to get hammered.

Not that I want screen time taken away from Clark and Lois, but if we’re going to stick with Lana, Kyle and Sarah it’d probably make sense to explore how Kyle’s career path might be the cause of his alcoholism?

Jonathan gets drunk and completely CBs Jordan’s date with Sarah, who goes off on him as she clearly is seeing her father in Jonathan. That seemed like a lot of projecting, but OK.


Derek is making out with Edge’s right-hand woman Lesley Lar, which seemed like it would go somewhere. It doesn’t though as Derek gets blasted by Capt. Luthor.

The good captain thought he shot Superman with what looked like a red son blaster to instantly wipe out a Kryptonian’s power. Superman didn’t seem to spot the blast and thinks Derek just detonated on his own.

Derek saying he was already dead probably didn’t help Superman’s suspicions on that matter though. But hopefully Superman did catch Derek calling him Kal-El and mentioning he’s not alone any longer.

Capt. Luthor spent most of the episode doing a little light surveillance stalking on Lois since he knows where she is, Superman isn’t far behind. But there’s far more to it as on his world he was married to Lois. Plot twist! You know what would be an even bigger plot twist? Having a black dude and a black woman actually together on the CW and they’re not Joe and Cecile or Jefferson and Lynn.

The Harvest Fest celebration ends with a public dedication of a bench in Martha’s honor or as Lana calls her, The Best of Smallville. That’s a nice touch although I didn’t love how Clark came off like such a jerk to Martha. That seems more in place to excuse how crappy Jordan and Jonathan are at times to Clark and Lois than a character trait of Clark.

superman and lois the best of smallville review - lois and clark

Sarah gives Jordan the let’s just be friends…for now speech and he’s fine with that oddly. He apparently takes the super long way home through the woods and gets attacked by a returning Tag. I’m not loving the poorly timed look of the one Asian character on the show being a deranged villain.

The show is doing a lot of great things, but the writers need to take a closer look at how they’re portraying minorities. Kyle is a drunk. Captain Luthor is a shades of grey villain trying to kill Superman and Tag is trying to kill Jordan. On one hand it’s cool to actually have POCs in significant roles, but it’d be better if they weren’t in antagonistic roles to the main characters.

There’s definitely still time to work on that however. Thanks to a COVID breakout, production on the show was halted for a while meaning new episodes will return on May 18 while Supergirl fills in. I have a sneaky suspicion Supergirl is going to really make us appreciate Superman and Lois even more when it returns.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW

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