Marvel Legends Moira McTaggert figure review

No other character had as drastic as change in Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men run than Moira McTaggert. The longtime ally of Professor Xavier and his students has been in the mutant game far longer than anyone realized and has strived to help mutants thrive through her many lives. It’s a neat twist on Moira that doesn’t destroy anything from her established continuity.

In wrapping the House of X wave, it made sense for Moira to get her long overdue figure with a timely event that ties her inclusion all together. Let’s see how this version of Moira turned out.

Packaging:   I really thought the Krakoan language on the front was a nice touch and appreciated the complementary red and white accent colors.

marvel legends moira mctaggert figure review - package bio

House of X artists Pepe Larraz and Marte Gracia provided some very nice packaging art and Moira’s bio gives a bit more detail than a lot of the others in this wave, which was very necessary in her case.

marvel legends moira mctaggert figure review -main pic

Likeness:  Moira has had a slew of looks over the decades. If she has anything close to an iconic look it’s probably her yellow bodysuit with lab coat combination. When she’s not in the lab she tends to be shown wearing a skirt. The idea here with this figure was to combine her House of X with her standard scientist look.

marvel legends moira mctaggert figure review - wide pic

Of course the skirt probably isn’t that practical in a sterile laboratory so it’s a bit of a logistics issue although I appreciate the thought to give us two figures in one.  The sculpt on the lab coat is nice with the added bonus of a few pens so she could take notes.

I really like Moira’s head sculpt. She’s got glasses that are look good at this scale. I love the expression, which looks like she’s satisfied with finally cracking a tricky formula.

Paint:  My buddy MattK had some problems with Moira’s lipstick getting a little out of hand. Thankfully that seems to be an isolated incident.

Beyond that there are not a lot of unique paint apps on the figure save the pens switching from blue to black. That said, my figure’s lab coat did manage to get some random black splotches on the other side.


marvel legends moira mctaggert figure review - checking out colossus

Scale:  The main thing with Moira is she just needed to be average height and not towering over anyone. Hasbro went with the shorter teen body, which is fine since I’ll more likely keep Moira around characters from the 70s/80s squad and Xavier, who will be in a seated position most of the time anyway.

marvel legends moira mctaggert figure review -conferring with charles

Articulation:  There’s not a lot of surprises with Moira. She doesn’t have the questionable articulation problems of Marvel Girl although I wouldn’t complain about double-jointed elbows and bicep joints, which would be real useful for laboratory posing.

marvel legends moira mctaggert figure review - quality time with banshee

Moira McTaggert has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

marvel legends moira mctaggert figure review - sitting in charles

Accessories:  Moira has a rarity with the Marvel Legends line as we’re given multiple display options for her. The default version is scientist Moira, but you can swap the lab coat and coat arms for the textured magenta sleeved arms.

marvel legends moira mctaggert figure review - alternate parts

You can then add the white scarf and the non-glasses head sculpt with white hat for a more relaxed casual Moira McTaggert.

Have I mentioned we need an updated Banshee figure in the last 30 days? Because we really need an updated Banshee figure. Taking off the lab coat reveals a pretty significant slit in Moira’s skirt.

marvel legends moira mctaggert figure review -chilling with charles

While this doesn’t put her in Party Moira territory, it seems a bit risqué for her.

The thing is that gives her far more movement than the Jean statue so it’s a case of the functionality being more valuable to me than the form in this case.

marvel legends moira mctaggert figure review -articulation challenge with marvel girl

Additionally, Moira has a book on atoms possibly Xavier’s book on the Children of the Atom.

marvel legends moira mctaggert figure review - alternate main pic

Finally, she has the left leg for the Build-A-Figure Tri-Sentinel from the presumed future of the X-Men.

marvel legends moira mctaggert figure review - accessories in tray

Worth it?  Target had a buy 2, get 1 free sale on figures including pre-orders so I got the entire wave with that awesome deal. Getting each figure for $13.33 worked out to just about Black Friday deep discount prices.

marvel legends moira mctaggert figure review - hanging with the x-men

Rating: 9  out of 10

Moira McTaggert is one of the key supporting characters in the X-Men universe and this was a great way to get her released in the Marvel Legends line. I’d still like a classic 70s/80s standard yellow jumpsuit version as well. Maybe in a two-pack with Banshee?

marvel legends moira mctaggert figure review - house of x heroes

Where to get it?  You can grab Moira McTaggert from Amazon, Entertainment Earth and Hasbro Pulse. Over the weekend, I did see two stores get a full case of the House of X figures.