DC Comics reviews 3/30/21 – The Other History of the DC Universe #3

The Flash #768


The Flash starts off a new era that embraces the fun premise of a time traveling speedster. Barry Allen is heading to the Justice Incarnate and is all set to hand the reins of The Flash over to his old sidekick, Wally West.

Only catch is Wally wants to ditch the superhero gig and just spend time with his family.

Writer Jeremy Adams deals with the Heroes in Crisis fallout more than I wish any DC writer would at this point especially since Roy Harper has been resurrected. The lingering animosity from Green Arrow and Batman doesn’t help Wally’s desire to be The Flash again either.

But a funny thing happens when Wally goes to say goodbye to the Speed Force. It takes him on a time spanning course correct adventure to heal the Speed Force in the bodies of other speedsters.

This isn’t a bad concept and Adams does right with Wally’ personality and Barry’s paternal instincts kicking in while Wally is lost.

Adams also adds some worthwhile supporting roles for some other prominent DC heroes that make sense in the context of the story.

Brandon Peterson is the main artist for the book while Marco Santucci and David Lafuente handle the various time period sequences. Overall Peterson’s art is fantastic although there’s a few instances where his characters look a bit stiff and their expressions don’t fully match the dialogue.

Santucci has the most fun segment of the issue and his art continues to impress. Hopefully he’ll have a regular gig illustrating these different stops through time on the title.

I like the idea of Wally going through time in a fun manner compared to his time running around for Tempus Fuginaut in a tragedy loop. This arc could work out pretty well provided Adams doesn’t let it run an extended course. This was an encouraging start for the new creative team so hopefully it doesn’t lose momentum anytime soon.

Rating: 8 out of 10