DC Comics reviews 3/30/21 – The Other History of the DC Universe #3

Strange Adventures #9


Writer Tom King is getting close to paying off the mystery he’s stretched out through nine issues so far.

It’s not like the ride has been excruciating—some issues, like this one, have conveyed the thrill of this secret war prompting the Justice League to end ties with their former ally, Adam Strange.

Adam isn’t too concerned about his popularity as he’s focused on stopping the invasion of Earth.

King has long teased that Adam is holding a major piece of the puzzle solely to himself and hasn’t even shared it with his wife, Alanna, who remains his staunchest defender.

In a departure from the standard layout of the series, artists Evan Shaner and Mitch Gerads occasionally share page space with the flashback and current day events. It makes for a nice transition as the two complement each other so well.

Gerads’ lifelike portraits feel like a striped down filter-free version of the clean and pristine art from Shaner.

Some issues have felt stagnant in terms of advancing the story, but the art has consistently been at a very high level.

With a handful of issues left, I’m hoping King devotes enough time for the payoff and the repercussions of this big reveal. I feel a lot better about King’s ability to stick the landing after this issue.

Rating: 9 out of 10