The Walking Dead – Diverged review S10 E21

Whew. Diverged was an episode that happened on The Walking Dead. I wasn’t overly fond of last episode, but in comparison the trip through Princess’ mind at least had a purpose and offered some insight on a fresh character.

This one was just more of the same road show with Carol and Daryl we’ve been on for too long to trot out an episode this slow and uneventful.

Diverged relied solely on the mindset that Walking Dead viewers remain fascinated with every little thing C/D does even if it’s routine, run of the mill things like making soup, hunting a rat or scrounging up motorcycle supplies.

And it was such a slog! It took me four tries to actually finish this one.

the walking dead diverged review - carol

Carol and Daryl are still working through the tension in their friendship. As usual the issue is more that Carol has an explanation/excuse for all of her actions without taking any real accountability for her choices. Her apologies get choked out by her justifications and it seems like Daryl is tired of it.

Dog isn’t however and decided shows zero loyalty for the guy who’s been feeding him and rolls with Carol when it comes time to decide who he’s rolling with on the supply run.


Carol tries to make good by making some food for Jerry off the limited available supplies while Dog gets preoccupied with chasing a rat.

The supply run in the woods drags up some walkers. You know, I think there’s a pretty good chance that Carol won’t survive this one… Of course not. We already know she and Daryl are heading towards a spin-off so everything they do now has no suspense.

I’d argue one of the worst creative decisions in the history of the series was revealing that spin-off ahead of time. It eliminates every trace of drama for the remaining two OG characters. You can’t do that with a show where the tension and hint (no matter how small) that every character might not survive any episode.

the walking dead diverged review - daryl climbing

Carol takes up the rat catching effort and it’s almost funny that after dealing with Saviors, Walkers and Whisperers, she’s still afraid of a rat. Maybe Carol should go to the local Walgreens and get a few glue traps… Carol questions if she’s still got the fight in her or if she would be better off leaving like she does every eight episodes.

Daryl goes underneath a car on a ledge. This is such an idiotic move that he really should die from a collapsing car. Throughout Diverged he just did some really stupid things that Daryl from previous seasons would never do.

It falls on Jerry to salvage some of the episode as he gives Carol a pep talk with some of Ezekiel’s wise words while Carol and Daryl still stumble through their new speaking terms. I’m struggling to get invested in their storyline.

the walking dead diverged review -carol and dog

Diverged was probably the weakest episodes of the Angela Kang era. Next week is the season finale and the show and creative team probably will welcome the break as we head to the final season.

What did you think of Diverged?

Rating: 3 out of 10

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