Invincible – Neil Armstrong Eat Your Heart Out review S1 E4

Neil Armstrong Eat Your Heart Out marks the halfway point of Invincible. This seems like an ideal time to respectfully request that the decision makers at Amazon Studios go ahead and green light Invincible for five more seasons. No sense being bashful with the request, huh?

Mark is enjoying his quality time with Nolan and is proving a fast learner. He only wiped out on his landings once this episode.
Invincible always read like the best of the iconic teen heroes from Spider-Man to Robin to post-Crisis Superboy and the show is doing an outstanding job of capturing the innocent and authentic feeling of being a teenager.

Mark comes off incredibly relatable as he attempts to juggle the family superhero business with just being a teen nervous about his first date with Amber, debating on revealing his identity and looking for ways to prove himself.

His earnestness makes him such an endearing lead and it doesn’t hurt that he has an atypically great relationship with his parents either. Steven Yeun does such a fantastic job capturing the ideal optimistic and naïve teen voice of Mark that it would be hard to imagine anyone else voicing the character already.

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But Nolan is getting increasingly on edge and concerned his traitorous massacre will be uncovered. Nolan is acting like the suspicious murderer and seems destined to make a slip up that will reveal his actions.

Cecil recruits Nolan to accompany a space flight to Mars, but Mark jumps at the chance instead. It should be a cakewalk mission but Mark just has to make sure to keep the astronauts safe from the Martians that might not be as welcoming to uninvited visitors.


Invincible has already found its tone with the right blend of humor, mystery and dynamic superhero action.

The creative team is impressively locked in with their approach and Neil Armstrong Eat Your Heart Out plays out like an episode that would debut on some show’s second season. After the writers have gotten comfortable taking chances and big risks with the characters.

This is what makes sticking relatively closely to writer Robert Kirkman’s source material so smart. There’s no need to reinvent Invincible— all the hard work has already been done.

Maybe the only issue is the pacing of some of the other subplots, which are playing out a bit faster than they did in the comics. This might be an attempt to create a cliffhanger for Season 2, which should be a formality at this point.

I am curious to see how far into advancing other subplots the season goes especially knowing where this first season will likely end.

Neil Armstrong Eat Your Heart Out is another stellar, layered episode for Invincible that shows the series is well on its way to being weekly appointment viewing.

What’d you think of Neil Armstrong Eat Your Heart Out?

Rating: 9 out of 10

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