DC Comics reviews 4/6/21 – Batman #107, Green Lantern #1

Batman #107

Batman #107

James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez being in lockstep on Batman is a beautiful thing. This new arc teasing the arrival of The Magistrate in Gotham has been wholly engaging. I’m still not 100% on board with zooming to the story set in Future State, but Batman #107 makes the journey fun.

One of the smarter approaches Tynion took with the book was separating Bruce Wayne from his wealth. In this particular point in the real world, the wealthy isn’t exactly hailed as heroes of humanity and Tynion has made Bruce more a man of the regular people so he can have the same amount of disdain for Gotham’s elite like many readers.

Tynion continues to universe build on his take from The Unsanity Collective, Master Wyze and Miracle Molly while casting Barbara Gordon and Harley Quinn in fresh roles that help shake up the Batman status quo.

Jimenez is such a dramatic storyteller. He’s got such a keen sense on how to pack the right emotion out of a scene and when to go with a striking perspective. That’s definitely coming into play with a character as visually interesting as Scarecrow.

Tomeu Morey’s colors are so essential to framing this story as he brings out the eeriness of Scarecrow and the zaniness of Harley Quinn.

Tynion also crafted a Ghostmaker back-up story with artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz. Tynion fills in more details on Ghostmaker and basically portrays him as a bisexual James Bond that happens to be a vigilante. Ortiz has a very distinct, anime-influenced style that’s OK for a backup story although it seems too hyper charged to be the best complement to Jimenez.

Batman #107 is another stellar installment of one of DC’s can’t miss titles.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10