DC Comics reviews 4/6/21 – Batman #107, Green Lantern #1

The Swamp Thing #2

The-Swamp-Thing #2

Swamp Thing is a limited series of 10 issues, but with the way writer Ram V is laying out the story and the elaborate, moody art of Mike Perkins, it wouldn’t be a big shock if DC just expanded it to an ongoing series.

Levi Kamei is still trying to make sense of these nightmare/visions he’s having where he’s a creature tangled in vines and marsh watching an evil entity create terrible atrocities. Levi is getting the growing sense he’s supposed to do something, but is terrified of that reality and what it could mean for his life.

Readers know what’s playing out and Ram V smartly doesn’t drag this reveal out too long so as to make Levi a frustrating character. After dealing with some long repressed trauma, Levi is ready to step up and become something more than a regular man just in time to deal with this evil creature.

Perkins’ art style thrives on a title like Swamp Thing where he can dive in to the kind of precise, harshly realistic takes on people and characters. Perkins has done solid work on Green Lanterns and Lois Lane, but Swamp Thing finds him exactly in his element. This is the best his art has looked and it’s a natural fit for the character. Colorist Mike Spicer navigates the darker, moody atmosphere and puts in just the right amount of light and color mix to add to the ambiance.

Swamp Thing isn’t a fast moving title, but Ram V sets up some intriguing elements for future stories that certainly has me interested in where these next issues will go.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics