Fear the Walking Dead: Honey review S6 E5

Was Honey the most sensible episode of Fear the Walking Dead ever? Probably. This was the first time characters acted in a realistic manner, calling out awful strategies from other characters and going their own path.

Eventually, things worked out smoothly in the end, but Honey marked some welcome tension and clashes of ideologies that we don’t normally get between the good guys.

Dwight is enjoying some quality canoodling time with Sherry when he gets a check-in once Al didn’t report to Ginny’s crew. Honestly, Ginny’s crew has a significant honor system going on here to allow such random freedom of movement when you think about it. It’s not like she has a ton of deserters. Granted, if they entertain the notion they get killed like we saw in The Key, but once you’re out, you could conceivably stay gone.

fear the walking dead - honey review - dwight and sherry relaxing

True to his standard strategy plan, Dwight excitedly tells Sherry about his plan to fake his and Al’s deaths so they can run away. It’s a plan at least. He doesn’t get to break down the intricacies of the plan as Sherry goes to get a fork and doesn’t come back.

Dwight goes for a few obligatory horror movie logic moments of calling out honey to further give away his position before getting grabbed by some masked dudes. Hey Dwight, it could be worse. It could be The Strangers

Even better. Instead of taking Dwight to an isolated hotel, they bring him to a skater park. Wait, did Tony Hawk turn into a walker? Booo. Oh, false alarm. These guys are just former Frontier outcasts and Sherry’s new allies, including Dwight’s old running buddy Rollie.

Rollie and Sherry want to take the fight to Ginny and the first order of business is stealing Al’s SWAT van. This is not exactly a well thought out plan besides cutting the antenna so the driver can’t reach Ginny as they try to do an old school train…SWAT van robbery on horseback. Clearly the driver doesn’t want to be a killer as this should have been a quick fight even after he exhausted the van’s machine gun array. 

Dwight is apparently the only competent rider raider and he kicks the driver out. But with his mask off would the driver get back to Ginny and tell her Dwight’s turned? Never mind, Morgan Unchained arrives and he’s got the driver rounded up. I kinda like Cowboy Outlaw Morgan. 


Consistent with his playbook, Morgan wants to start up a new community. Rollie and company understand trying to set up anything while Ginny is still around is a bad idea. Rollie must have watched last season too.  Morgan tries to convince them to hold off on starting a war they’re ill-prepared to win and references the war with the Saviors. It took too long and more lives. That actually makes sense from both sides and that never happens on FTWD! 

Dwight’s bought in on Rollie’s plan if for no other reason than to save Sherry from getting her hands dirty. He might be playing Superman, but Dwight can’t convince Morgan and Al to go along with the call for war. Dwight wins the debate by rightfully asks what’s gonna be different until Ginny is dead and questions how this conversation would play out if Grace were asking him to do the exact same thing.

fear the walking dead - honey review - morgan and dwight

I can’t argue with any of this. Morgan has always tried to rally the troops to go along with his mood of the moment and ultimately it’s led to everyone being split up by the lady from Frontier Land. Sherry has gotten worried Dwight is getting a little too back into his go along to get along mentality and has him stay behind with Morgan and Al when they try this ambush to kill Ginny and her men. 

The fact that Sherry and Rollie didn’t count on Ginny not showing up proves Morgan’s point that they’re not ready for war. Dwight convinces Sherry not to kill Ginny’s lieutenants for the sake of making an example and it’s here that he realizes she’s still suffering from PTSD from her time with Negan. That would do it. Given that doctors always get killed within three months maybe a psychiatrist would be a more useful profession in every community?

Sherry thinks back to all those times she could have stopped Negan and didn’t and doesn’t want to make that same mistake with Ginny. It’s probably gonna be a bit harder to get closer to Ginny, Sherry. While she’s spiraling, Sherry is recognizing the old Dwight that she loved before all of this and can’t be around him right now. Fear The Walking Dead hates happy couples.

fear the walking dead - honey review - dwight, al, morgan and rollie

Since he can’t stay and protect Sherry, Dwight joins up with Morgan and Al. First up they make some Walker dummies of themselves and then head to an abandoned truck on the side of the road and pick up Nora and the rest of the formerly bubonic plague office crew.

Wait, so all episode they were just chilling in the back of that truck? Geesh, I’d join up with Morgan for the thought of some fresh air if nothing else if I were Nora and those guys. 

So far Fear the Walking Dead’s sixth season is delivering and getting off to the kind of start that reinvigorated the series when John, Al, June and Morgan first arrived. Honey was another strong episode and is keeping me invested in the season so far.  

What’d you think of Honey and whose side were you own?

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC