DC Comics review 4/27/21 – Robin #1, Action Comics #1030

Batman Superman #17


Batman Superman is on the side of enjoyable Infinite Frontier books that celebrate the fun possibilities of DC’s multiverse and it’s characters.

Writer Gene Luen Yang has a fun throwback premise with two very different Batman and Superman meeting for the first time. Their stories, like so many others have been gathered by Aueter.10, a collector of epic moments from the various worlds.
Aueter.10 is focused on creating an idyllic world taking only the best parts of each world. The world of Knight and the Superman of Tomorrow has gained Auter.10’s attention just as its actions have put it on the main Earth’s Superman and Batman.

I’m loving how Yang captures that anything is possible mentality of Silver Age books and the dynamic of this unique World’s Finest meeting is inspired work.

Ivan Reis’ artwork can do wonders for even the most mediocre title. Pair him with a writer with a fun premise and the results are amazing. Reis has such a classic style anyway that having him draw a traditional Superman, Batman and Robin is fully tapping in to his strengths. Sabine Rich’s colors are vibrant and do a sensational job of highlighting the differences of the respective worlds.

Batman Superman is delivering a very enjoyable read right now, which is an example far more DC titles need to follow.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10