DC Comics review 4/27/21 – Robin #1, Action Comics #1030

Detective Comics #1035

Detective-Comics #1035

I feel kinda bad for Mariko Tamaki. She’s a writer that is really approaching the captivating aspect of Batman, the detective, just as the Batman books are on this Future State path.

Maybe it’s just the sense that authority figures going after Batman seems tired and a little stupid — would shutting down firefighters stop fires? — especially in the wake of City of Bane and The Joker War. Mayor Nakano is an intriguing character, but his strategy seems ill-advised for a well-meaning authority figure. Batman operating in the shadows is fine, but this sense that he’s the villain and main suspect in murder cases after years of defending Gotham doesn’t make a lot of sense.

In this issue, Batman is investigating the mysterious disappearance of a Gotham heiress, whose father is the towering Mr. Worth. Worth seems like he’s going to be a big player in Tamaki’s Detective run despite being an old money Gotham character that just randomly gets introduced now.

I really enjoy Tamaki’s dialogue for Batman as the inner monologue approach captures a noir feel that’s fitting for Detective Comics. I just wish the overall story wasn’t heading toward the Future State direction.

Dan Mora’s art remains a treat. His style is very refreshing for Batman as it doesn’t exacerbate the inherit darkness of Gotham and is clean and easy to follow. Jordie Bellaire’s color work is brilliant as usual with captivating lighting effects.

The backup story features Huntress. I’m still very confused in terms of Huntress’ ethnicity. It seemed around the New 52 she was made a black woman or had a serious tan.

Tamaki partners with artist Clayton Henry for this story and while it doesn’t have these major long lasting repercussions to be the definitive Huntress story, it’s still very entertaining. Too often it seems writers don’t appreciate that aspect of comics. Henry’s art is so clean with sensible layouts, expressive characters and fluid action sequences. Bellaire also provides the colors on this issue as well.

Detective Comics has been an easy read thanks to Tamaki’s scripts and Mora’s art. It’s not too late to get on board with what’s been a strong and engaging arc so far.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10