DC Comics review 4/27/21 – Robin #1, Action Comics #1030

Harley Quinn #2

Harley Quinn #2

Stephanie Phillips has toned down some of Harley Quinn’s more obnoxious antics to make her solo title a smoother read.

Harley is still wild and prone to some slightly deranged behavior, but Phillips doesn’t let that side of Harley Quinn dominate the issue.

Harley’s antics are limited to smaller doses as she continues seeking redemption. That becomes more frustrating as an actual criminal in Hugo Strange gets pardoned and allowed to set up a new rehabilitation program for the Gotham citizens that aligned with The Joker.

Phillips sets up a clear agenda for Harley and even gives Harley her own sidekick.

Riley Rossmo’s art style doesn’t fit with every character, but his very stylized take on Harley and her universe offers something new that matches the sense of chaos in her head. Rossmo’s work isn’t for everyone but it works for the flow and feel of this title.

Harley Quinn  avoids the second issue slump with some key advancements to the main plot to keep that storyline rolling.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10