IDW comics reviews 4/28/21 – G.I. Joe #280

G.I. Joe #280 provides an unusual twist with the current arc. For the first time in the Untold Tales run, writer Larry Hama connects a story within his established GI Joe Real American Hero continuity.

This issue, spotlighting Baroness, takes places immediately after Baroness and Wild Weasel’s dogfight with Ace and Lady Jaye in issue #34.

While this is a fun approach to use the Untold Tales format to fill in some gaps in Hama’s extensive run it does invite some continuity problems. Baroness and Wild Weasel’s Rattler is tended to by Vipers and Strato Vipers, characters that don’t get introduced until another 20 and 30 odd issues later.


That’s a minor problem as the main focus of the issue features Baroness trying to prevent a rogue Major Bludd operation from blowing up in Cobra’s face.

Major Bludd was always one of the more unique Cobra operatives as Hama stuck true to his mercenary origin and constantly played him as a wild card.

This issue was a cool twist of the usual formula as Baroness had to play the determined hero against Bludd as Destro advised her from a command center.


The art from Ron Joseph was decent although some of the characters’ faces looked somewhat elongated with exaggerated features. Faces aside, Joseph’s art flowed well enough. The biggest catch is the 30s was when Rod Whigham began his acclaimed run on the title and Joseph’s style — like many subsequent Joe artists — doesn’t compare favorable to Whigham.

This marked the final installment of the Untold Tales format for this run, but hopefully it’s a storytelling device we see revisited down the road.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: IDW Comics