Marvel Legends Firestar figure review

Collector fandoms are a great thing. When Hasbro revealed the Marvel Legends Firestar my initial reaction was now I can finally add another member to the New Warriors. Others were excited about the prospect of completing Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. And I guess maybe a section of folks were syked about getting one of Emma Frost’s Hellions. That’s the luxury of a character like Firestar — she can fit in a number of displays.

She’s quietly been one of my most wanted figures as New Warriors is one of my favorite Marvel teams so filling out that roster is important. Especially since it’s a team that Hasbro could theoretically knock out if they focused just a little on. We’ve already got Nova coming later this year. Would it be too much to ask for a Namorita, Speedball, Marvel Boy/Justice and Silhouette? Let’s see if Firestar has me heated up for more New Warriors or douses the flame…

Packaging: Hasbro gives Firestar a nice and bold logo that instantly grabs your attention while showing off all of her accessories. I’m always a fan anytime Hasbro uses David Nakayama for the package artwork.

His style just works so well in showcasing the essence of a character even in the limited side panel space. This time we get basically the full image on the back. Her bio explains her powers, but doesn’t include any of her allies or teams. Interesting choice.

marvel legends firestar review - package bio

A very cool addition here is the inner packaging features the living room from Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.

marvel legends firestar review - in packaging

Likeness:  Firestar isn’t the most complex character design wise, but that’s not Hasbro’s fault. Besides, easy costumes are nice confidence boosters every now and then.

The core elements of her look are dead on from the calm head sculpt with the appropriate detailing on the mask. Firestar features windswept hair as if she’s charging into battle.

marvel legends firestar review - soaring

The tricky thing is I can’t place when Firestar had the high, flared collar. In Spider-Man: AHAF, she had more of a Nehru collar, which did not flare out, while in New Warriors she didn’t have a collar at all. It’s odd to include something that doesn’t match up with either of her more common looks in this attire.

Hasbro went with the right choice of the slender body for Angelica. And just to mix things up a bit she has a wide open left hand as if to convey her flame projection and a right hand fist.

marvel legends firestar review - wide stance

Paint:  Firestar has a pretty basic costume with just some orange flame effects to break up the ‘gloved’ and ‘boot’ portion and the rest of the outfit. The flame effect turned out very clean.

There seems to be some slight discrepancies with the yellow used for the plastic with the various pieces of the body. It shouldn’t be a problem unless you put her in an area with a lot of sunlight that will further bleach out the plastic.

The paintwork on both heads is sharp — that’s key for an intricate mask like Firestar. I think just a smidge of lipstick is missing on my default head sculpt though it’s more noticeable close up. The hairline also seems to have a bit of a glue line, but that’s not an issue with the paint. Maybe adding a little red at the hairline would have helped hide it though.

marvel legends firestar review - aiming


marvel legends firestar review - scale with spider-man and iceman

Scale:  Firestar typically as portrayed as average height and just a little shorter than Night Thrasher and Nova. Even with the higher hair, Firestar is shorter than Night Thrasher. And she matches up well with Iceman and Spider-Man too.

marvel legends firestar review - facing spider-man and iceman 

Articulation:  You’re probably not surprised by Firestar’s articulation scheme. As usual, she’s missing the bicep joint and her elbows could use a bit more range.

marvel legends firestar review - channeling fire

Thankfully she’s not a fresh experiment like Marvel Girl where she’s missing the standard articulation. The default head accommodates the high collar without much issue although the alternate head does have some restrictions.

marvel legends firestar review - spider-man and his amazing friends

Firestar has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

marvel legends firestar review - with spider-man and iceman vs dr. doom

Accessories:  Firestar comes with the matching alternate left fist and wide open right hand. She also has two flame trails to wrap around her hands.

marvel legends firestar review - accessories in tray

In a nice touch, Hasbro gave her an alternate head sculpt that’s more in line with her basic, relaxed appearance with the hair flowing down. This version has a slightly altered mask with a point in the center and flat points along the sides. If you’re a stickler for accuracy, this sculpt is better suited for Firestar with Spider-Man and Iceman.

marvel legends firestar review - flying

And in another indicator that was the intention, this sculpt has pink lipstick to match up more with the cartoon. That is an impressive extra bit of attention to the source material.

Finally, Firestar comes with Ms. Lion, Angelica’s yappy little dog from the series.

marvel legends firestar review - holding miss lion

The sculpt on her hair is really well done and the head sculpt even offers a glimpse of her personality. Bonus, the head actually moves as well.

marvel legends firestar review - petting miss lion

Worth it?  Firestar is an online exclusive for the most part, but that doesn’t jack up her price as she’s the standard $20. GameStop has her available as well and with their sales you might get her cheaper at the right time of year if you want to wait her out.

Rating:  9.5 out of 10

Firestar is a tremendous two-in-one figure that should satisfy both New Warriors and Amazing Friends fans.

marvel legends firestar review - with rage, night thrasher and darkhawk

Where to get it?  You can grab Firestar from Entertainment Earth and Hasbro Pulse. Amazon has her in and out of stock right now.