The Bad Batch – Replacements review S1 E3

Replacements kept the steady flow of The Bad Batch rolling.

I’m still struggling to get past the bait and switch of this being a showcase of an elite commando squad of clones so much as the origin of Omega, but this was a solid episode.

This week the squad finally brings up the idea that Crosshair wasn’t acting of his own free will when he ‘turned’ on them. Omega tells Hunter he shouldn’t be mad at Crosshair as that’s just part of his programming.

Hunter is annoyed he left Crosshair behind. I really wish this conversation occurred on the second episode as it would show the squad had a measure of concern of their abandoned member.

Bad batch - replacements review -

Not that it matters much since Tarkin is making sure Crosshair is getting steady doses of the reinforcement programming. I wonder if this is suggesting his take isn’t as permanent as the other clones and could potentially be broken?

And at the same time Tech might want to also look in to whatever’s bothering Wrecker’s head. Maybe he’s having a super delayed reaction to Order 66. But with few Jedi running around that’s probably not going to be an issue anyway.

They’ve got some time to figure it out since the ship is breaking down and they have to make an emergency landing. There’s some Empire Strikes Back homages here with the creature circling the ship and Omega being the first to shriek in response a la Princess Leia.

Omega convinces Hunter to let her tag along while he tracks down the creature and the stolen part. Naturally, Hunter gets immobilized by the creature so it’s up to Omega to retrieve the part.

My biggest gripe is how much Omega has been the focus of the show just three episodes in. Poor Tech, Echo and Wrecker are barely getting screen time in order to make Omega a key character.

A lot of fan sites and YouTubers are highly speculating Omega has a very important role to play or will just be the Starkiller character originally conceived to be Luke Skywalker. That’s an idea I guess, but way to make The Bad Batch secondary characters on their own show.


Tarkin’s latest sycophant, Gen. Rampart, is eager to start incorporating recruits into the Imperial army as part of an Elite squad.

I really don’t like the idea of diversity with the Empire. If there’s any aspect of Star Wars that needs to 100% stay the way George Lucas intended it should be that the Empire is full of stuffy, aristocratic white guys with British accents. What would Prince Phillip say???

The Kaminoans are not feeling very secure with their position with the Empire. It’s hard to drum up a ton of sympathy for them. Here’s a wacky fan theory for you — what it the Kaminoans reached out to the resistance fighters about a counter army using the remnants of the degrading DNA from Jango Fett.

Tarkin dispatches his Elite Squad to wipe out Saw Guerrera’s camp. Clearly these are not Saw’s top troops as they quickly get taken out by Crosshair and the Elite Squad.

Crosshair’s compliance programming decidedly has him on the kill ’em all tip and he has the remaining troops execute the fugitives.

Bad batch - replacements review - Crosshair

He’s doing some hardcore villain moves — including gunning down the lippy recruit that kept questioning his authority — and that makes a redemption arc unlikely. Still, as he returns to the Bad Batch’s old barracks, Crosshair seemed to be somewhat remorseful.

Despite the heavy Omega focus, Replacements was a much stronger outing setting up what should be some intriguing subplots as the season plays out.

Rating: 8 out of 10
Photo Credit: Disney+