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Image Comics reviews 5/26/21 – Bitter Root #13, Killadelphia #13

The Department of Truth #9

the department of truth #9

The Department of Truth is starting to lose me.

Writer James Tynion IV has Hawk breaking down religion for Cole Turner leading to an extended diatribe, extended monologue on myths and magic.

Tynion is typically sharp with his dialogue, but this issue read like one big lecture with one character pontificating with no rebuttals, questions or noteworthy pauses. It’s an exhausting read and one that just reiterates what we’ve already been told from the start of the series. If enough people believe in something than it can start creeping through to become some warped form of reality.

Then there’s the matter if Hawk is even an actual ally to Cole and the Department or if he’s working on his own agenda.

Martin Simmonds’ art remains as effectively chaotic and jarring as ever although he has to work harder this issue with the imagery since Tynion writes most of the issue like a very long recap.

Tynion introduces an angle late that might get the story back on track, but the reality is my interest in the series is starting to wane. Issues like this with glacial developments isn’t encouraging me to stick around much longer.

Rating: 4 out of 10 

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