Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Rampage review S1 E5

So far The Bad Batch has not been the show I was promised, but more episodes like Rampage will keep my interest.

Hunter wants some answers about why someone hired a bounty hunter to snatch Omega. Echo might have a lead with a contact named Cid (Rhea Pearlman) that aided the Jedi during the Clone Wars.

Omega still remains the show’s biggest drawback. It’s not so much that she’s this awful character more than the writers haven’t figured out a way to naturally make her part of the team.

Bad batch - rampage - bad batch and cid

The writers are overcompensating and forcing her youth and cuteness into too many scenes. Or worse, the writers are hyping up Omega’s basic skills at the cost of making The Bad Batch look like goofs. Could they really not figure out the sole person that had an idea of what was going on in the club was Cid?

Cid doesn’t provide help pro bono and wants the Bad Batch to grab a kid named Moochie from some slave traders.

The Bad Batch probably doesn’t need to do too many bounty hunter missions. We’ve already got The Mandalorian and I’m sure The Book of Boba Fett will have a few of those kinds of episodes. But for the occasional episode like this it’s fine.


It’s a little concerning that Wrecker’s head is still hurting and no one seems to care. They’re a Bad Batch, but even crappier friends. This is exactly where Omega would be best served since she’s a child and would be more attuned to a squad member in pain.

The slave traders are surprisingly formidable and capture the squad with little trouble. It’s a good thing Omega actually listened and stayed behind so she could help free the guys.

Again, it’s not an issue of Omega helping out every so often, but based solely on this show it’s hard to imagine how The Bad Batch survived their first battle let alone The Clone Wars if they need a kid to bail them out every time.

This time Omega provides a big assist by freeing a teen Rancor the traders enslaved. Is this the one at Jabba’s palace? Nevermind, they just said the Rancor is Moochie and Cid clearly was talking to Bib Fortuna earlier.

In the fray, Omega grabs a mechanical bow. I’ll need deep lore Star Wars fans to explain the significance to me as it didn’t seem random.

Tech figured someone needed to assert their dominance so Moochie would back down and Wrecker was game.

Bad batch - rampage - Moochie vs wrecker
There’s been some cool moments in Bad Batch, but watching Wrecker fight a Baby Rancor is up there with the best well-earned laughs of any Star Wars property in the last decade.

Bib and two Gammorean Guards arrive to take Moochie off to Jabba’s palace and a life of snacking on dancing girls and guards that piss Jabba off presumably until getting his neck crunched by a pesky Jedi.

With Moochie all squared away, Cid gives Hunter the low down on Fennec Shand while casually suggesting she might sell the squad out for the right price.

Obligatory ‘Omega is super amazing!’ moments aside, Rampage was a very fun episode with some teases for another Fennec showdown and an OT reference.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: Disney+