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Pre-order Marvel Legends Disney+ Loki Mobius figure now

How’s this for service? I just finished watching the first two Loki available for critics and Hasbro revealed the Marvel Legends figure for Owen Wilson’s Mobius character.

And now just a few short hours later, the pre-order is already up for the figure at Target. This may be the fastest turnaround time I’ve seen in awhile for a figure that wasn’t even on the radar getting up for pre-order so smoothly without any leaks.

marvel legends mobius figure -time device.jpg -

Mobius M. Mobius is an Agent for the Time Variance Authority who specializes in the investigations of particularly dangerous time criminals.

marvel legends mobius figure -with purge stick and handbook.jpg


marvel legends mobius figure -with purge stick.jpg -

You can pre-order Mobius now at Target. He’s set for a release date of Oct. 3.

Photo Credit: Hasbro