The Flash: Good-Bye Vibrations review S7 E12

Good news! The Flash has numbed me to the point that it’s standard level of mediocrity doesn’t even bother me anymore. Kidding. This was an uneven episode with some truly embarrassing scenes in what should have just been a simple farewell to one of the series’ regulars.

Good-Bye Vibrations is a great example of why Carlos Valdes deciding it was time to move on from the series.

Cisco and Kamilla do commit a Saturday morning faux paus by not bringing breakfast. There’s no Allegra and Chester…or Joe and Cecile, but they’re eager to break the news they’re leaving… tomorrow. Cisco is heading to Star City to work for ARGUS. Amazing how all of the crime stopped in Star City once Oliver died, huh?

the flash - good-bye vibrations review - iris

Nice job of giving everyone some actual time to prepare for their departure. And Kamilla is wack for not giving Iris two weeks’ notice. Iris has to vet a few more photographers as she’s not feeling the applicants just yet. I do hope Iris does get a new photographer. The Citizen staff has been a useful subplot and it was good to have someone else hanging with Iris that didn’t have powers.

Cisco wants to make sure everyone is handling his pending departure OK, but they’re not being as emotional as he expected. He’s acting like the dude/girl that decides it’s time to break up with you and then is mad that you’re not desperately begging them to stay.

the flash - good-bye vibrations review - kamilla, iris and allegra

It’s hilarious that Caitlin asked for Cisco’s access codes as literally everyone waltzes in to STAR Labs through the elevator like it’s nothing.

Before they leave, Cisco wants to help deal with a new meta Rainbow Raider ver. 2 Carrie Bates (Jona Xiao). How lazy is it for the writers to make the second version of every Rogue a woman? It’s such a random choice.

Too bad the writers won’t make good on the series’ earlier take on The Rogues and actually use them as a close-knit criminal unit that gives Flash fits.


Also, why does The Flash bother talking to anyone once he knows they’re crooks? This whole deal with Rainbow Raidress (?) should be wrapped up in 20 seconds. Instead, he wants to chat and uses her charm powers to take Mecha-Vibe and Flash to their special happy places.

If I’m Barry that involves Iris, but since it’s the CW Verse that means he and Cisco have a dance off that Barry ends with some break dancing. Huge sigh. Chester whips up a gadget to free them of RR’s influence. The writers still don’t seem quite sure how they want to handle Chester. Is he just another geek like Cisco or does he have a little coolness in him?

Rainbow Raidress doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but her master plan involves dropping money from a blimp. Pro-tip Carrie, if your plan shares one or two things in common with The Joker’s scheme it’s time to get a new plan.

Flash, Cisco and Allegra confront he and Barry says he’s recommending Carrie work off her debt at the mayor’s economic development committee. Carrie used her collections gig to cancel people’s debt. Well, this checks with Flash justice of not actually bringing criminals in.

Too bad Kristen Kramer wasn’t around Central City this week as she’d had legit justification for shutting Carrie down with her potentially killer metagene virus cure. Course, if Flash wrote a good note and she had a very productive night of bringing in criminals she’d probably be released on good behavior anyway.

Caitlin should probably never say anyone is “da bomb” again in life. Chester stays behind so OG Team Flash can have a farewell with Cisco and Team Citizen (and Cecile) can kick it with Allegra.

Ah yes, karaoke. You can’t ever go right with that, can you? In fairness this seems like the most legit fun the cast has had all season. If only that carried over to me too.

Post credit, Cecile hears scary voices again. Didn’t she just deal with this with Psyche?

the flash - good-bye vibrations review - joe and barry

The Flash has been in a rough patch. I’m not sure if a recovery this season is possible, but once all the foolishness ended at least Cisco got a solid farewell. The real question is how the show will manage to sustain without him.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW

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