IDW Publishing reviews 6/9/21 – G.I. Joe #282

The Joes have to face a committee for their actions in their invasion of Springfield to rescue Throwdown/Snake Eyes.

Cobra has their own plan as this is a key opportunity to trigger the brainwashed congresswoman in their control. And it seems perfectly fitting that Cobra would have bought the loyalties of other congress members with generous campaign donations.

This isn’t the first time writer Larry Hama has had the Joes answer for invading Springfield, but there’s enough different wrinkles to make it work.

gi joe #282 cover b

While I’ve been a major fan of Hama’s run, my least favorite decision was killing off Snake Eyes only to immediately replace him with an understudy. Granted of all the characters that could be Snake Eyes II, Sean Collins is a sensible choice. The problem stems from giving Sean all of Snake Eyes’ unique characteristics like ninja training, damaged vocal chords so he can’t speak and a disfigured face.

It was so much trouble to just make Sean Snake Eyes that Hama shouldn’t have bothered killing off the original in the first place.


The art from Andrew Lee Griffith is ok although drawing faces and conveying emotions isn’t Griffith’s strongest suite at this point. And for a largely dialogue heavy issue this wasn’t the best utilization of Griffith’s strengths.

It was good seeing Sherlock, the newest Joe, highlighted again this issue. I like the idea of a Joe JAG team to deal with the government oversight committees and Hama has some fun with the concept.


This wasn’t the most action-packed issue, but watching another Cobra plot get derailed by the Joes is always entertaining.


Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: IDW Publishing

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