Star Wars – The Bad Batch: Battle Scars review S1 E7

Battle Scars was the inevitable payoff to the Bad Batch’s negligence to one of their own proving there are consequences to questionable decisions.

Fresh off another mission for Cid, the crew finds a familiar face at Cid’s bar — Capt. Rex. Like a few folk guessed, it was Rex that Trace and Rafa called up to inform him of the rogue clone squad running around free of Empire control.

Rex’s appearance keeps the show’s tradition of having at least one guest star each week going strong. Does this mean the writers have zero confidence that The Bad Batch could carry their own show? The concept of a Clone Trooper A-Team shouldn’t be that complicated. They don’t need the special cameos each week.

star wars the bad batch battle scars - tech, hunter, rex and echo

Rex notes he’s never seen a clone like Omega before while I’m still wondering if Omega is the only female clone created. And for that matter why? Did the Kaminos think that making an Omega (female clone) to go with the earlier Alpha remnants DNA of Jango Fett that they could create a fresh stockpile of Fett DNA for future clones?

This question keeps bugging me and I feel like it’s just not a priority for the writers to address at this stage.


Rex is worried about Wrecker’s chip headaches. This officially makes him the first person on the show to not just blow it off as headaches.

Considering they saw what happened with Crosshair the Batch really comes off stupid for not at least making some effort to remove them. That could have been the mini-arc for the first seven episodes — the quest to ditch the chip. Instead, it was these random fetch episodes when Omega wasn’t the focus to force her connection to the team.

For whatever reason, Omega isn’t on board with the chip removal plan. There’s literally no downside to this and it ensures there’s no one else on the team that snaps. Also, how does Omega know anything about the chips and why exactly did she not get one? There’s so many aspects to Omega that should be addressed more than her fascination with space popcorn.

star wars the bad batch battle scars - echo, wrecker, hunter and tech

I appreciated the continuity with Rex tiptoeing around who helped him get his inhibitor chip out. No need to out that there’s at least one Jedi in Ashoka still running around. Rex only knows of equipment in a Jedi star cruiser capable of inhibitor chip. For all of his tech wizardry, Tech really should be capable of doing that in any moderately decent lab, right?

So was that a Sarlaac in the Jedi cruiser wreckage or one of those creatures in the Death Star garbage dump? The Star Wars homage was cool with that scene although that would have been like Chewie needing help instead of Omega Starkiller.

To the shock of no one paying attention, Wrecker turns on the Batch as his chip fully activates. I need greater clarification on Order 66. The movies and Clone Wars clearly suggested it was 100% about exterminating the nearby Jedi and now it’s about a vaguer being a compliant soldier. I’m still not clear on what’s triggering Crosshair and Wrecker with no Jedi around.

After some fun scenes with Wrecker playing Michael Myers, Rex finally stuns him so they can get his chip out. Surprisingly, Omega is ok with the Batch getting their chips removed now.

Rex says he’s still working to protect the Republic and could use the Batch’s help. Hunter declines the regular military gig since Omega needs them. For what again? But if Rex needs them, they’ll be there. We didn’t get any mention, but I really hope Tech and Echo whipped up a portable chip removal device so they can free Crosshair since they know it actually works.

star wars the bad batch battle scars - capt. rex with the bad batch and omega

The Scrapper Guild spot Hunter and Rex saying their goodbyes and are all set to snitch on their location to the Empire. It’s weird that the Scrapper Guild are the only one trying to collect on this bounty since it’s not like the Batch have made their clone identities a secret. Also when does Palpatine unveil the transition to the Stormtroopers?

Battle Scars finally addressed a subplot that needed to be tackled much earlier. Hopefully this will be the start to reuniting the Bad Batch.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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