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DC Comics reviews 6/22/21 – Infinite Frontier #1, Robin #3

Batman Superman #19

batman superman #19

It’s tough for any title to overcome losing an artist the quality of Ivan Reis even if it’s for one issue. With Batman Superman #19, writer Gene Luen Yang comes up with a clever workaround with some help from his friends.

Superman and Batman are captives of Autuer.Io and it’s up to the Superman and Batman & Robin of different worlds to travel through various realities to save them.

As they traverse these various worlds, the trio learns more of Auteur.Io’s origin and actual agenda. Each of these pit stops leads to another artist picking up the storytelling baton from Emanuela Lupacchino, Steve Lieber, Darrick Robertson and Kyle Holtz.

This story is a good use of the multi-artist approach as each brings a wildly different style than the other befitting a trip through the multiverse.

Yang has done an amazing job of capturing the anything goes spirit of a Silver Age title with this arc and it’s paid off with a fun story that doesn’t need to wrap anytime soon.

Rating: 8 out of 10