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DC Comics reviews 6/22/21 – Infinite Frontier #1, Robin #3

Infinite Frontier #1

infinite frontier #1

Infinite Frontier definitely feels like it’s going to be a fun, special blast for longtime DC fans looking for the next big epic storyline. Writer Joshua Williamson knows how to set the stage and establishes several homages to Crisis on Infinite Earths. That’s a good indicator of what’s to come.

Williamson also takes into consideration lapsed DC fans that might not know all the twists and changes that have recently come about in the DC Universe. This issue does a nice job of serving as a foundation for what’s already occurred while setting the stage for what’s next.

The cast of the title is also intriguing with President Superman, Barry Allen Flash, Alan Scott Green Lantern, Obsidian, Roy Harper, Cameron Chase and Mr. Bones. Williamson also works in the Justice Incarnate, a tremendously fun team of heroes that hopefully will play a major factor in the story.

Additionally, Infinite Frontier finally makes good on the newer team established at the end of Dark Nights Death Metal, which is also brimming with potential thanks to its unique team makeup. It’s nice to see people in the DC Universe actually reacting to the latest world changing crisis and the reveal of the multiverse.

While it doesn’t include the C-word, there’s some familiar players from Crisis involved. Not to mention Darkseid is not just on the cover for fun.

Xermanico has steadily been rising to the level of top tier status among DC artists and this seems like the project destined to send him into that elite ranking. Xermanico seems fully up to the task of giving Williamson’s plot the blockbuster visual treatment it needs.

This was exactly the kind of kickoff this event needed as it raises a series of questions while promising some big moments and surprises. The next issue drops in three weeks and I’m already set to start my countdown.

Rating: 10 out of 10