Superman and Lois – O Mother, Where Art Thou? review S1 E10

O Mother Where Art Thou? significantly advances the season’s main arc and with a few exceptions, it’s been worth the investment.

Morgan Edge reveals he’s Superman’s half brother via their mother, Lara. Edge’s father sent him to Earth upon learning Krypton was dying. Just in case you were curious about the accent, he landed in the British countryside, where he was promptly imprisoned and experimented on. That would explain his vendetta against humanity.

But that’s not all. Morgan is the show’s take on The Eradicator. Given how the show has played out so far, it wasn’t shocking that they did right by one of the more important Superman villains/allies of the last 30 years.

We get a pretty impressive movie-level opening fight as Morgan gives Superman an offer to join him or face the same fate as humanity. Tough call.

Back to the regular people, Sarah is acting like the usual CW teen, but Lana shuts that down. The Superman and Lois writers actually have teenagers that don’t walk all over them, which helps immensely in how they write the parent/teen dynamic.  Sarah gets another wake up call as Jonathan and Jordan tell her that Edge is responsible for Kyle being a little bit crazy.

superman and lois - o mother, where art thou review - sarah, jordan and jonathan

And if we needed further evidence, his Kryptonian rewriting program actually has him attack Lana and Lois. Good thing Lois has her handy Kryptonite ring handy from her father. General Lane came off as being excessively paranoid, but they would be in real trouble if he didn’t establish these contingency plans.

With Kyle in custody, Sarah gets to see that Kyle is not his normal charming, half drunk self. I’ve gone from thinking Kyle was going to be an obnoxious cliché, but it’s easy to feel bad for a guy who felt less than and just wanted to do right by his family.


Superman heads to the Fortress to talk with Jor-El to verify Edge’s story. Jor-El basically says it never came up, but yeah — your brother he is — although Lara ditched her genetic match husband so it was all good.  More tea on homewrecker Jor-El, please.

Lara came up with a way to preserve Krypton in a sense, but not to conquer and take over another civilization. We get a completely random cameo from Dabney Donovan (Roberl Zere), an evil Cadmus scientist from the comic books, who helped Edge come up with a means to establish the Eradicator program. That’s a fun Easter Egg for fans and nothing that non-die-hards would care about.

To free everyone Edge corrupted with the Eradicator program, Lara’s consciousness has to be placed in a body. Lana volunteers, which is helpful since we were running out of viable candidates.

superman and lois - o mother, where art thou review - superman and lana

OK, I don’t normally complain about Superman and Lois, but I’m not the biggest fan of trying to work Jor-El and Lara into Superman’s current day stories. There’s a reason why Jonathan and Martha Kent are so important to keep alive in the Superman mythos — to help keep Clark Kent grounded when the world is overwhelming to Superman.

Everyone who was affected has to go through the eradication process Lara Lana whipped up, but it’s up to Superman to draw them all out. And he’s going to have to unleash a massive energy surge via his solar flare.

The solar flare ability is one of the newer ones whipped up by Grant Morrison during the early New 52 days. But it has the pesky side effect of knocking out Superman’s powers for a few days.

With about 40 corrupted Smallville Kryptonians trailing him, Superman unleashes the solar flare on the reverse eradicator device. Edge realizes what’s going on, but he can’t warn his troops in time to prevent them from losing their abilities and their Kryptonian reprogramming. Even Kyle is back to normal.

superman and lois - o mother, where art thou review - general lane

So now the new Kryptonian population is back to just Morgan and Leslie. He’s not too bothered though as apparently he’s got another plan in store. I’m torn on this as this feels like a perfect break point to move on from Morgan and reheat him as a threat for Season 2.

Of course with only five episodes left for this season it doesn’t make a ton of sense to start up a new villain when Superman and Edge have yet to have their real blow up confrontation.

O Mother Where Are Thou? provided a fresh take on The Eradicator and featured impressive production values for a network TV series. Superman and Lois continues to deliver the goods week in and week out.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW

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