Loki – The Nexus Event review S1 E4

Oh my gosh. They pruned [spoiler]! The Nexus Event moves Loki beyond its halfway point with some crazy, shocking developments. Loki could pull it off given the tease for next week’s episode, but so far this is the episode to beat for the series.

And it instantly stands out as one of the best episodes of any Disney+ MCU series.

Things opened up on a very Game of Thrones note, a theme that played out through this episode. The aesthetics with the dark purple couple with the inevitable sense of the end as the moon debris crashed on the planet and the haunting score from Natalie Holt set the stage perfectly.

Sylvie recalled how Ramona dragged her from her Asgard. Naturally, Sylvie managed to get away by stealing Ramona’s Time Pad before being brought before the Time Keepers. The TVA certainly aren’t looking like the good guys here. And if we can’t trust a group of government issues who decide to randomly kill off people for not fitting into their schemes, who can we trust?



Apparently not Ramona as she clearly lied to Mobius about Hunter C-20 dying from Sylvie’s enchanting. Just before Lamentis sheds its final tears, Mobius and Hunter B-15 detect a Nexus Event tied to Loki and Sylvie. The good news? Our heroes are rescued. The bad? They’re back in captivity.

Mobius lets Loki stew with a memory loop of Lady Sif beating him down for taking some of her hair out. It’s always good to see Sif since she’s one of the few surviving named Asgardians. Loki eventually gets beaten down emotionally and apologizes to Time Loop Sif. It’s probably more cathartic for him than the simulation Sif, but Mobius thinks he’s ready to talk.

The trouble with being a trickster is no one wants to trust you even when you’re telling the truth. Poor Loki learns that lesson the hard way as Mobius doesn’t buy that the TVA is comprised of variants. And that Sylvie can restore memories with her enchantments.

Mobius does his own psychological warfare and tries to determine if Loki is crushing on Sylvie. I mean, that’s kind of weird, but also is the ultimate act of vanity, right? And Loki clearly loves him some Loki.


While Mobius doesn’t initially buy it, he does go to Ramona’s office to get more clarification as to what happened to Hunter C-20.

Hunter B-15 takes a more direct approach and ports Sylvie to another location to question the memory from when she enchanted her. It’s ironic how Wunmi Mosaku is playing another character who’s getting an undiscovered truth revealed to her from a blonde, who often is associated as a dude.

Mobius snags Romana’s Time Pad and learns the truth about Hunter C-20’s debriefing and that Ramona cut it off. She lied to him., which means Mobius has to trust the word of two Lokis. That’s not an ideal scenario.


Of course Ramona didn’t get her spot by letting her subordinates grab her stuff. She’s got her loyal TVA agents by her side to confront Loki and Mobius. After Mobius reveals he knows the TVA’s secret, she pruned him!

Marvel Studios has rarely killed off fan favorite supporting characters (depending on if you’re on Kevin Feige’s side of Phil Coulson or Agents of SHIELD TV show version) so this was a stunner. And it instantly shoots Ramona up the all-time MCU villains list.

Time for Loki and Sylvie to meet the Time Keepers. Hunter B-15 crashes the party to help Loki and Sylvie take down Ramona and her agents. And Sylvie finds out the Time Keepers are just leftover animatronics from Chuck E. Cheese.

So now who really created the TVA and what is their purpose? Loki seems like he wants to admit his crush to Sylvie when Ramona…purges…Loki? Wait, you can’t kill Loki on Loki’s show, right?


Well, that certainly shakes things up significantly and makes the final two episodes very interesting. Of course, waiting on next week is going to be the worst!

There is a post-credit scene this episode though. Loki awakens to find himself greeted by four Lokis – one Kid Loki, a black Loki, an alligator Loki and a bahgawd classic comic version Loki!

The Nexus Event proved Loki isn’t afraid to take major chances to keep viewers guessing. This series is now vying to be best in show of the Disney+ Marvel shows. What’d you think of today’s episode?

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Disney+