DC Comics reviews 7/5/21 – Batman #110, Justice League #64

Batman Fortnite Zero Point #6

batman fortnite zero point #6

The most unexpectedly fun crossover of the year wraps with an equally surprising and interesting finale.

Batman and Catwoman have been stranded on the portal world and their only chance of returning to their Earth is locating the only other person from their world. But what happens when Harley Quinn decides to keep fighting in battle royals in Fortnite?

Writer Christos Gage has gone to great lengths to ensure that this mini-series would not become predictable throughout and that continues with the finale. Batman and Catwoman face off with Harley Quinn and some very familiar opponents en route to returning to Gotham. What happens if their life in Fortnite is better than the one they’re heading towards. Gage shows a good sense of the larger Batman continuity with this issue and it neatly sums up the Batman/Catwoman dynamic.

Artist Reilly Brown does very solid work on this last chapter. Brown is game for any action scenario Gage calls for and handles the emotional aspects of the story exceptionally well. John Kalisz’s color work remains consistently strong and an asset to the mini-series with good use of lightning, bombastic colors and appropriately darker hues.

I had little interest in this when it was announced but it was one of the more pleasant surprises of 2021 so far. The ending suggests that a sequel could be in the works, which would definitely have me excited.

Rating: 9 out of 10