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WWE Elite Series 84 Sheamus figure review

It’s wild to me that I didn’t own an Elite Sheamus figure until the series 84 version. I’d been nursing a longtime grudge over missing out on the King of the Ring version Sheamus from waaaay back with Series 13. That’s a long time.

In fairness, Sheamus’ look didn’t drastically change that much besides the mohawk phase so I didn’t feel like I was missing out. Still, Sheamus has been a fixture of the WWE long enough that I needed to address that void in my collection.

Let’s see if this Sheamus meets the bar of my expectations.

Packaging: I’m already looking forward to the next shift in packaging. This white with red accents is OK, but it’s boring compared to some of the specialty theme packages. We get the standard action photo and the portrait on the side.

wwe elite 84 sheamus review - package bio

Mattel always does a great job with the stat/bio presentation and this one captures his big highlights and the latest phase of his WWE career.

Likeness:  Sheamus benefitted from the True FX face painting as this features his best likeness.

wwe elite 84 sheamus review - chain detail

Mattel gave him the appropriate muscular thick torso along with the thicker legs so he doesn’t come off looking scrawny.

wwe elite 84 sheamus review - scale with drew mcintyre and seth rollins

Scale:  Sheamus is 6’3” so he’s looking up at the 6’5″ Drew McIntyre and his Bar partner Cesaro while looking down at the 6’1” Jeff Hardy.

wwe elite 84 sheamus review - facing drew mcintyre and seth rollins


Paint:  Mattel might have a problem with platinum blonde hair paint, but Sheamus’ red hair was captured well. Sheamus also has a very pale skin tone and Mattel nailed it. Skin tones has been challenging for Mattel although Sheamus hasn’t been a problem.

His wristband, tight and kneepad details came out nice and clean as well. The silver laces on his boots were also solid and those are elements that are frequent issues with Mattel figures.

Articulation:  Sheamus is a big brawler, who has a few submission moves in his arsenal.

wwe elite 84 sheamus review - beats of the bordhran

As always, I’d rather get all the Elite figures with double-jointed elbows and butterfly shoulders we’re seeing now in the Ultimate Edition figures.

wwe elite 84 sheamus review - cloverleaf

While the articulation has evolved, the old Elite model is still OK and it’s not too hard to pull off most of his moves.

wwe elite 84 sheamus review - tilt a whirl backbreaker


wwe elite 84 sheamus review - white noise

Sheamus has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

wwe elite 84 sheamus review - brougue kick

Accessories:  Sheamus isn’t crammed with accessories, but it’s consistent with what Mattel provided with most Sheamus Elite figures.

wwe elite 84 sheamus review - accessories in tray

He comes with his cross chain, which has a great metallic sheen.

wwe elite 84 sheamus review - flexing

Sheamus also comes with swappable weapon holding hands. Finally, he gets his Loch Ness T-shirt. I’m all about the cloth shirts since they look so much better than the plastic life rafts used with some other figures.

wwe elite 84 sheamus review - t-shirt rear

Worth it?  Sheamus came on sale so I was able to get him for $16. The $15-$16 price tag is a better value for these figures so anytime I can get them for cheaper than $20 I’m happy.

Rating: 10 out of 10

I finally have a Sheamus figure in my collection and I really don’t have any problems with this one. His headsculpt and paintjob are solid and his joints are tight enough that he can hold his moves with no problem. He might not be worth the upgrade if you have several in your collection, but this is definitely a quality figure.

wwe elite 84 sheamus review -wide shot

Where to get it?  Sheamus is available at standard retailers like Walmart and Target. You can get him now for the cheaper price on Amazon.