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DC Comics reviews 7/13/21 – Infinite Frontier #2, Rorschach #10

Wonder Woman #775

wonder woman #775

This mini-milestone issue gets the Diana traveling through eras arc back on track with encouraging signs that it could even get better.

Diana travels to the underground with Deadman to find out what happened to the dead gods. Writers Michael M. Conrad and Becky Cloonan thankfully don’t drag out the mystery of the gods’ fate too long and smartly advanced the story to the next phase. In today’s typical storytelling style this could have been 4-5 issues.

Adding Deadman to the mix has made for a surprisingly engaging dynamic as he plays off Diana well. Diana passing the test by The Keeper of the Grounds was clever and something that should be incorporated more with Wonder Woman stories.

Andy McDonald’s art seemed cleaner this issue although he’s still struggling to reach consistency with his take on Diana’s face. MacDonald’s design on The Keeper of the Grounds was very strong fully capturing the ominous menace of the character.

This arc is starting to embrace its epic quest feel better than when it started. At this point Wonder Woman doesn’t need to rush back to the regular timeframe as her peers as Cloonan and Conrad have a firm grasp on their approach and it’s paying off.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics