McFarlane Toys reveals DC Multiverse Reverse Flash, Infinite Crisis Superboy and Lobo

McFarlane Toys is addressing the complaints that the DC Multiverse line has been way too Batman heavy? Maybe they’ve been reading my site?

The good news is we’re already seeing some changes with the first Comic Con at Home reveals with the first three figures teased.

First up is Reverse Flash, which makes for a nice companion piece to The Flash and Flashpoint Batman figures. We probably need a Batman that fits that era better, but what are the odds we get a new Batman?

mcfarlane toys dc multiverse reverse flash




mcfarlane toys dc multiverse lobo

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Superboy Prime – The sculpting on the figure looks great. Hopefully he’s properly scaled so he’s shorter than Superman.

mcfarlane toys dc multiverse superboy prime infinite crisis


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Photo Credit: McFarlane Toys

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