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DC Comics reviews 7-27-21 – Infinite Frontier #3, Strange Adventures #11

Detective Comics #1040

detective comics #1040

The return of artist Dan Mora after a semi-lengthy absence helped with the presentation and while writer Mariko Tamaki didn’t really advance the story, this was a better issue than the last few installments.

Bruce Wayne returns to prison so Oracle can clear his name without any complications with the Magistrate after Batman and the police after Bruce. Tamaki doesn’t make it clear how Bruce is conversing with Oracle in prison, but does provide an interesting interaction with another Gotham resident stuck in the holding cell. This resident recalls a memorable encounter with Batman and The Joker and his role in the showdown. This made for a great excuse to have Mora draw a classic Batman/Joker confrontation.

Mora’s art embodies the vibe of Greg Capullo’s Batman run with characters full of personality and dramatic posing. Jordie Bellaire’s color work dazzles as usual, but there’s some creative blends of background colors and flames that truly stand out in this installment.

Tamaki is back with her regular Detective artist making for a better read and visually stunning issue.

Rating: 9 out of 10