DC Comics reviews 7-27-21 – Infinite Frontier #3, Strange Adventures #11

Infinite Frontier #3

infinite frontier #3

Writer Joshua Williamson has some grand plans for Infinite Frontier. At times it almost feels like there’s too much happening in a short time frame, but it beats a slow, plodding story that doesn’t go anywhere.

Alan Scott and Obsidian are tracking down Jade and run into some surprising faces. Roy Harper searches for some leads on his daughter while coping with his new Black Lantern ring as he encounters a DC villain with a significant makeover.

President Superman and Thomas Wayne try to diffuse a situation with Magog before the Justice Incarnate arrives and Psycho Pirate begins manipulating The Flash to carry out some sinister purpose. That’s a lot playing out, but Williamson mostly juggles the various subplots well while still allowing for some personal moments with his large ensemble cast.

The biggest challenge here is the wide array of artists. This story isn’t long enough to warrant four artists: Paul Pelletier, Jesús Merino, Tom Derenick and Xermánico. Their styles are different enough that the shifts to subplots is noticeable. Having one artist tackle each issue might be a better approach than have them split pages for one issue. Pelletier handles the majority of the issue and it would have been fine to just let him do the entire issue.

Infinite Frontier’s final page offers a tantalizing tease on an exciting new future for the DCU. With Williamson leading the way, Infinite Frontier is setting up a very exciting direction for DC.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10