Marvel Legends Livestream reveals BAF Watcher wave

The Hasbro Marvel Legends team promised a big rollout of reveals following the HasLab Galactus panel two weeks ago. Never ones to fail to deliver, today’s Fan First Wednesday panel debuted some figures I’m looking forward to adding to my collection.

First up was the second wave of Disney+ figures with an emphasis of the upcoming What If? animated series.

Sylvie from Loki is the random one character that’s not part of What If?

I thought we’d get a Ravonna Renslayer and Hunter B-15. I guess they’ll be part of another dedicated Loki focus with Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, Croc Loki and Classic Loki. For now you can get the Disney+ Loki at Amazon.

It’s interesting that despite the animated style, the likeness to the Marvel Cinematic Universe actors is still apparent. This wave, save one figure, is entirely painless.

T’Challa Starlord — We knew this one was coming and the figure looks great.

marvel legends fan first wednesday reveals - t'challa starlord - close up

Heist Nebula — the hairpiece looks like it could work for a more classic Sue Storm. Nebula’s lack of bicep articulation is disappointing.

marvel legends fan first wednesday reveals - heist nebula - close up

Captain Carter — She’s impressive and along with T’Challa Starlord is a definite pickup.

marvel legends fan first wednesday reveals -captain carter - closeup

Doctor Strange Supreme — I’m curious about his pose capability. The team said the cape is set up to allow for easy movement but that torso/tunic combo looks like it could be a problem.

marvel legends fan first wednesday reveals -sorcerer supereme close up

Zombie Hunter Spidey. This features what I think is our first pinless arm Spider-Man so no more of the obnoxious red or blue pins sticking out against the opposite color.

Zombie Captain America — never been a huge fan of the Marvel Zombies storyline, but an animated movie could be cool. The sculpt work here is amazing with costume tatters and tears straight through his body.

marvel legends fan first wednesday reveals -zombie captain america-close up

The Build-A-Figure for this wave is Uatu, The Watcher. That’s a smart choice and makes sense for this wave.

marvel legends fan first wednesday reveals -watcher baf -close up

marvel legends fan first wednesday reveals -watcher scale with sylvie

Pre-orders go up tomorrow at 1 p.m.

marvel legends fan first wednesday reveals -watcher baf wave


Another What If? figure is a stand-alone deluxe figure, the Hydra Stomper. The Hasbro team didn’t have a lot of info on who is in this armor although there’s some obvious guesses.

marvel legends fan first wednesday reveals - hydra stomper - close up

Last Walgreens exclusive figure is Binary. I wish she had an alternate head/hair sculpt. She seems based off the Storm two-pack. Also Nova should be coming later this summer with Quasar still set for the fall.

We’re getting a Target exclusive re-release of the Spider-Man Homecoming Vulture with wing harness. Great news for everyone that didn’t already collect this Build-A-Figure gear.

marvel legends fan first wednesday reveals -target exclusive vulture closeup

The team showed another look at the Tigra figure with double-jointed elbows and bicep articulation(!).

marvel legends fan first wednesday reveals -tigra-action slash

Next army builder is black Hand Ninja. Hmmn. That’s a decision. And probably not a great one since The Hand is synonymous with red way more than black.

fan first marvel legends hand ninja army builder

The team also teased a Fantastic Four Psycho Man reveal shortly as well as possibly some more West Coast Avengers before taking a Q&A from influencers. Maybe one day…

Photo Credit: Hasbro