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Crime Syndicate #6

crime syndicate #6

It’s rare when a six issue mini-series recovers from a lackluster opening arc. Crime Syndicate became a much more entertaining read after writer Andy Schmitz worked past the origin and set up a Justice League equivalent to take on the Crime Syndicate.

Alexander Luthor’s Legion of Justice was on the ropes, but the reveal of Ultragirl has swung momentum back to the heroes side. It might be a short-lived change of tide as Superwoman is trying to get Emerald Knight to turn against Sinestro and the Legion and join the Syndicate.

Schmitz keeps enough surprising developments going that he clearly could easily crank out another six issues and have plenty of material left.

Keiran McKeown’s art kept improving each issue as well. Character expressions looked more natural and less exaggerated and the action sequences were much cleaner.

Bryan Hitch handled the art for the secondary story in Atomica, which teased her potential future plans.

Early on, Crime Syndicate was a rough read, but the creative team diligently worked each issue to improve it. Assuming there’s enough retail and fan interest, Crime Syndicate is worth a stay of execution to get another mini-series.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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