DC Comics reviews 8/3/21 – Batman #111, Justice League #66

Green Lantern #5

green lantern #5

Green Lantern is starting to become a frustrating read. Yes, it’s only been five issues in, but having an extended arc about the Green Lanterns actually not having their rings is feeling like a questionable approach to start this new run.

Wrier Geoffrey Thorne is juggling too many subplots. The idea of a conspiracy with a covert group that attacked Oa was intriguing. The majority of the lanterns losing their rings and being stranded, spread out across the galaxy feels like another arc that shouldn’t battle for the spotlight. And it just feels like taking the rings from the lanterns doesn’t seem like the best approach with so little development spent on these lanterns.

The various subplots means Thorne can’t properly devote enough time on anything. This issue is broken up into Teen Lantern suddenly having enough power to battle and defeat some of Sinestro’s elite Sinestro Corps members. This isn’t consistent with any portrayal of the character. John Stewart gets the secondary story as he gets some help from other Lanterns as they prep a massive plantwide evacuation. And it feels a little odd that Thorne hasn’t brought in other mainstream Lanterns like Hal Jordan and Kyle Raynor into the storyline yet.

Artists Tom Raney, Marco Santucci and Andy MacDonald provide solid art. The lack of many constructs does hinder their creativity to a degree. Michael Atiyeh’s colors are rich and bold helping to put a greater emphasis on the various alien races involved.

Green Lantern has a lot happening, but the longer it deviates from the core of what readers would expect from a Green Lantern title the less it feels like essential reading.

Rating: 6 out of 10