Marvel Legends Darkstar review – BAF Ursa Major wave

Darkstar is a flexible character who can work as both a hero and a villain. As a member of the Winter Guard, she’s frequently pitted against The Avengers and I’m always down for more teams to pit against my Marvel Legends Avengers squad.

Hasbro obliges in providing us with two members of a team in one wave thanks to the Build-A-Figure Ursa Major being another teammate of Darkstar, which is appreciated.  Let’s see if this figure puts the lights out as one of the main highlights of this wave.

Packaging:  It’s a little weird just seeing the big Marvel logo instead of someone unifying theme or umbrella like Avengers or Iron Man. The package art is from Winter Guard #3.

marvel legends darkstar review - package bio

The bio is lacking as it doesn’t explain her powers, allies or enemies. Yes, people could go online, but the bio should offer more insight. I do like the new touch of adding comic book art in the insert. This one features her alongside Red Guardian, Crimson Dynamo and Ursa Major.

Likeness:  Darkstar’s head sculpt is impressive as it has the stern expression of someone who has been trained under harsh conditions and doesn’t take any foolishness.

marvel legends darkstar review - wide pic

The sculpting on her hair limits posing options, but does look great with a more natural flow across the left shoulder with the rest behind her right shoulder. Her tiara/gem also turned out just fine.

Her costume isn’t overly complex so it’s basically the blank body with painted lines creating the separation for the gloves and boots.

Paint:  Darkstar has a simple, classic style costume, but the color combination makes it stand out. Her yellow eyes turned out very nice and the darker shade of red lipstick are a smart contrast. Hasbro added a wash to her hair, which was essential here considering how much of her outfit is a flat, basic yellow.

Darkstar’s outfit isn’t so complex that there should be any noticeable issues. The gem on her forehead and her chest logo could use a tad more yellow since it’s over black, but it’s not weak coverage at all.


marvel legends darkstar review - scale with red guardian, captain america and black widow

Scale:  Darkstar isn’t typically portrayed as an Amazon so she should be slightly smaller than her fellow Winter Guard member Red Guardian. Hopefully, Hasbro will get around to bringing us a Vanguard figure as well so Darkstar can be paired up with her twin brother.

marvel legends darkstar review - facing red guardian, black widow and captain america

Articulation: Darkstar is a gesturing character so the lack of bicep swivel articulation isn’t as annoying as it would be for a character that’s more of a physical combatant.

marvel legends darkstar review - flying

She definitely would benefit from double jointed elbows though as her range of motion is below average on that front. We’ve seen Hasbro release single elbow joint figures with enough clearance to work around the lack of double-jointed elbows. That’s not the case with Darkstar.

marvel legends darkstar review - taking to the sky

She’s got the standard female figure articulation otherwise though her hair is somewhat restrictive on her neck’s left and right and back and forth movement.

marvel legends darkstar review -heading to action with red guardian

Darkstar has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

marvel legends darkstar review -with red guardian vs black widow and captain america

Accessories: Darkstar comes with two alternate sets of hands with a gripping set and fists. She doesn’t have the most obvious accessory needs so tacking on extra hands was a solid move.

marvel legends darkstar review - package insert with accessories

That doesn’t really matter since she comes with the biggest sections of the Build-A-Figure Ursa Major with the massive torso.

Worth it?  Darkstar was $20 so she got in before the price hike to $23, which feels more excessive than ideal. She’s well worth that price and she’s clearly essential if you’re building Ursa Major.

marvel legends darkstar review - wide side shot

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Articulation limitations and lack of exciting accessories hold her back. The cool thing with Darkstar and the completed BAF is you have a complete version of The Winter Guard and it’s always great to finish a team for Marvel Legends. There’s some more members that could be added, but this is a nice core team.

marvel legends darkstar review - with red guardian

Where to get it?
 I got Darkstar from since Retail Roulette has gotten frustrating, but try your local Targets or Walmarts. You can also order her from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.