Star Wars The Bad Batch: Infested review S1 E13

Infested had some good moments, but too many episodes are feeling way too formulaic.

The typical episode rollout has the Bad Batch learn of a problem. In this case, Cid lost control over her parlor to Roland, a would-be gangster trying to make his bones by working with the Pykes.

star wars the bad batch infested review - cid and omega

It’s hard to work up much sympathy for Cid, a character who always comes off like she’s blackmailing Hunter and company and could care less about their well being. And Roland at least seems far less manipulative. 

Once the problem’s been introduced, Omega explains to the Batch why they should help (take a shot) and Hunter offers some token resistance before going along with the plan. 

star wars the bad batch infested review - hunter

This time, Cid knows a way to pay Roland back by stealing the spices he’s selling to the Pykes. But the gang has to go through an underground tunnel to sneak in to Cid’s office without being detected by Roland’s guards. Noise discipline is key since there’s an underground species that doesn’t take kindly to noise or visitors. 

Naturally, Wrecker makes a ton of noise triggering this invasion forcing Hunter and the Batch to drop the spice in order to get away. That decision doesn’t sit well with the Pykes, who seize Omega to convince Hunter and Cid to go back for the spices. 


This is where the episode becomes far more entertaining although it’s basically Cid bossing the Bad Batch around instead of Omega. It’d be interesting to break down why Hunter and the guys are so accustomed to following orders they just go along with whoever gives them the latest marching directives.

star wars the bad batch infested review - echo and wrecker

That explains why the rest of the clone troopers would follow the Empire, but it doesn’t fully explain why despite the disabled inhibitor chip, Hunter and co. still default into awaiting orders. 

The rematch with the underground bugs goes about as well as the first encounter although Tech whips up a device that triggers a massive light bomb to make for an easier escape. Tech and Echo continue to feel massively underserved in terms of screen time and spotlight.   

Although they get the spice back for the Pykes, they still demand some form of satisfaction. It seems like the power of Omega’s words will be enough to save Roland, but the Pykes still want their payback. They settle on cutting off one of his horns. 

Roland didn’t feel like the standard Star Wars villain and his near immediate bond with Omega suggests he’ll turn up again sooner. Maybe Roland will be the more serious Hondo to Omega’s Ezra?

star wars the bad batch infested review - the pykes

This was a decent enough episode, but it felt like a weird detour after Crosshair finally got permission to go hunting his former brothers down and there was no movement on that front. Hopefully next episode resumes Crosshair’s pursuit to shake up the already well established formula.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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