IDW comics reviews 8/11/21 – G.I. Joe #285

Larry Hama wraps the Murder by Assassination storyline in this thrilling issue.

Lt. Falcon and Sherlock have tracked down El Kawbra, but they’ve got to fight through Cobra forces to bring him in.

Hama has used this arc to introduce another lineup of new Joes. Alongside Sherlock is Multo, Bottom Line and Black Hat. Hama has extensive experience weaving in newcomers to the mythos and the new additions seem like they’ll be prominently featured in subsequent months.

gi joe #285 variant cover

Andrew Lee Griffith is still having some trouble with facial designs and avoiding a flat stagnant layout of the action. This was a noticeable improvement over the last few issues where character faces were rough.

Hama hasn’t let up on the fun with this series. It was great to see a mix of classic, old school Joes working side by side with the new recruits.


Next issue will feature some more spotlight features. If they’re in the same style or Untold Tales expect another arc of fantastic stories as Hama proves he’s still got plenty of Joe stories left to tell.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: IDW

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