Hasbro reissues HTF Power Ranger Lightning Collection figures

I’m not a huge fan of starting into a line only to find out some of the pivotal characters are long since sold out and super expensive on the secondary market. I appreciate when companies re-release figures to give latecomers a shot to get key figures again.

Hasbro is doing that again with its Power Rangers Lightning Collection line with three big re-releases.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Red Ranger

power rangers lightning collection wave 3 -Red Ranger_21

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Lord Drakkon

power rangers lightning collection wave 3 -Lord Drakkon_17

Pre-order Lord Drakkon on Entertainment Earth.

I’ve done reviews on MMPR Red Ranger and Lord Drakkon so you can check them out.


The final figure back up is Zeo Gold Ranger.

power rangers lightning collection zeo gold ranger - holding staff

Pre-order Zeo Gold Ranger on Entertainment Earth.

Photo Credit: Hasbro