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Hasbro Fan First Friday Transformers reveals: Perceptor, Coronation Starscream

If you haven’t exhausted all your funds on the HasLab Galactus and Retro Fantastic Four wave, Hasbro revealed a new wave of Transformers Studio Series 86 figures.

First up is the Sweep figure from Transformer The Movie.

Sweep is in blue with reversed open and closed hands. I appreciate Hasbro mixing it up. I’m not sure if I’m going to army build Sweeps, but the switch helps keep Scourge unique.

transformers fan first friday - sweeps -

Pre-order Sweep at Amazon and Entertainment Earth.


Next up is Perceptor. I’ve been waiting for a non-import version of him for awhile so I’m glad to see he finally makes the cut. And he’s also got a third transformation mode that I never knew about until today.

transformers fan first friday - perceptor - robot mode

Pre-order Sweep at Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Finally, Coronation Starscream gets his five-seconds of glory.

transformers fan first friday - coronation starscream - wide shot

This is basically an add on to the Earthrise Starscream with some fun extra parts.

Pre-order Coronation Starscream at Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

That’s not it for the Hasbro team as they’ll be back for another reveal on Aug. 27

Photo Credit: Hasbro