Star Wars The Bad Batch: Return to Kamino review S1 E15

It’s the penultimate episode of the first season of The Bad Batch making for the ideal time for a homecoming in Return to Kamino.

Crosshair brings Hunter back to Kamino and is already taking up a new role of Imperial recruiter. Hunter’s not buying anything he’s selling, but maybe luring the rest of the Bad Batch will change Hunter’s mind?

star wars the bad batch return to kamino review - vice admiral rampart talks to hunter

At least the Batch knows the situation and plans to track Hunter’s signal covertly. Fortunately, Omega knows the secret landing spot so the Batch can safely land without getting caught. It’s interesting that the Kaminoans felt the need to have secret passageways from the Republic and that they would show them solely to Omega. Omega tells them about their origins in Lama Sur’s lab, which seems like it should be a bigger deal, but it barely registers with them.

star wars the bad batch return to kamino review - echo, wrecker, omega and tech

Echo, Wrecker and Tech have Omega wait behind so she can rescue them from Crosshair’s trap. And that took all of no time. It’s amazing how the Batch’s survivalist instincts have been so dramatically dulled since Omega joined the team.

Omega ignores their orders and dispatches the early prototype Dark Trooper to cause enough of a distraction via murder bots to help them escape. This is a bad plan.


Crosshair tries to act like the Batch betrayed him, which is a very weird take. His idea of having the Batch send Omega off planet to protect her better than rolling with a squad of Imperial fugitives is a better idea.

star wars the bad batch return to kamino review - hunter and crosshair

Through this monologue, Crosshair has slyly lined up the Stormtrooper backup. He takes them out, but it’s not because he’s had some sudden change of mind. It’s just easier to recruit them to join the Empire with no distractions. Until Omega’s droid plan causes a mess. At least when Omega makes a mistake it’s done in cute and adorable kid fashion.

Return to Kamino allows for a semblance of a return to the hyped Bad Batch as Crosshair helps them defeat the droids. Crosshair then says he had his inhibitor chip removed a long time ago, which seems like weird revisionist history since in the first episode, Crosshair was struggling mightily with his inhibitor chip. Maybe he’s just confused?

star wars the bad batch return to kamino review - bad batch reunited

Hunter doesn’t have time to sort out the truth and zaps him with a stun blast. Crosshair is coming with them…so long as that’s OK with Omega? One nod from the boss and it’s all good until it’s not.

Vice Admiral Rampart isn’t all that interested in the clones now and after getting the all clear order from Tarkin “you may fire when ready,” he has the Star Destroyers bomb Kamino to the bottom of the sea.

This makes sense from the odd perspective that the Empire is so determined not to use clones again and ensures no one else can raise a clone army to fight them. It seems like the smarter play would be to just identify new bounty hunters/skilled specialists as the new template for more clones.

star wars the bad batch return to kamino review - bombed kamino

At least Rampart has the right idea in wiping out Kamino and the clones as the blaster fire is wiping out everything. This was a very effective setup for the season finale. Hopefully the ending is just as solid.

Rating: 9out of 10

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