DC Comics reviews 8/17/21 – Nightwing #83, Batman Catwoman #6

Batman Catwoman #6

batman catwoman #6

Tom King has some interesting points about the Batman/Joker rivalry as Batman battles Phantasm. The trouble is the issue also has dueling subplots ranging from Catwoman decorating a Christmas tree with The Joker and older Selina and Helena fighting crime in Gotham. King’s approach in crafting this story is needlessly complicated. With three distinct time periods, the story would flow smoother with cleaner delineation points for each subplot.

Switching between the past and present isn’t anything new for King lately as he’s doing that in both Rorschach and Strange Adventures. Adding a third time period makes the story read clunky with seemingly little connection from one to the other.

Clay Mann’s art is mostly solid although some panels are confusing in how to take the information in. Mann’s strong suit as an artist is the stunning expressions he gives his characters and that holds true this issue as well. Colorist Tomeu Morey provides rich, saturated colors that look stunning against Mann’s artwork.

The trouble with a multi-tiered story is one can be very strong, another has the requisite amount of creepiness and the other seems detached from everything else playing out. King has some clever ideas, but it’s starting to feel like this would so much cleaner with a different storytelling approach.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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