DC Comics reviews 8/17/21 – Nightwing #83, Batman Catwoman #6

Shazam #2

shazam #2

Tim Sheridan is clearly having fun writing the Titans universe. It’s also clear Sheridan could use more titles to fully dive into the massive Teen Titans cast. This Shazam mini-series has been an entertaining adventure as Billy Batson tries to figure out why his powers keep going on the fritz. His fellow Teen Titans Academy member, Dane, has an idea and takes them to the underworld where they meet cute aliens, play casino games and order Shirley Temples?

There’s a welcome sense of unpredictability with this book and Sheridan can keep these events in the Titans bubble without needing to connect and be in line with events in other titles. Despite the location, Sheridan keeps the mood light with some snappy puns and smaller scale (sorta) threats.

Clayton Henry’s artwork is very well suited for this tone of story. His Shazam looks powerful and confident with an overall visual style that’s larger than life. Marcelo Maiolo’s colors also complement the storytelling style with vibrant reds and yellows that pop despite the setting.

Shazam has been a nice surprise and a book that shows the overall strength of the Titans brand these days.

Rating: 9 out of 10 

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