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Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow #3

supergirl woman of tomorrow #3

One of the interesting aspects of this mini-series is that the premise is so simple it could work for any hero, but writer Tom King has made it feel like such a natural fit for Supergirl.

Taking the point of view perspective away from her Kara and telling the story from Ruthye’s side has been a master stroke. Through this lens, King provides a deeper approach to Supergirl from her actions leaving her inner thoughts more of a mystery.

This issue, Supergirl and Ruthye travel to Maypole in search of a lead on Krem, the scoundrel who killed her father and discover a horrific incident sparked in part by Krem. It helps that Kara isn’t the peacemaker like her famous cousin and has no problem losing her temper and showing her frustration. The POV mode of storytelling has also proven a smart way to avoid having a lot of action without making the issues read like nothing is happening.

Bilquis Evely’s artwork is spectacular, giving Supergirl an almost mythical type presentation. In Evely’s hands Supergirl is a legendary hero. The landscape of Maypole and its inhabitants also look impressive allowing for an immersive, engaging world. Mattheus Lopes’ warm colors conveys that faraway fantasy visual.

This title keeps getting better. With so many Kryptonians around Earth, none feel that unique anymore. King and Evely tell this compelling and fascinating tale of a larger than life hero being treated like one of the most special characters that’s ever existed.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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