DC Comics reviews 8/17/21 – Nightwing #83, Batman Catwoman #6

Superman and The Authority #2


With the help of Manchester Black, Superman starts recruiting his team.

For the first chapter, Grant Morrison writes a meta installment with Natasha Irons aka Steel II battling the one literal manifestation of internet commentators and trolls. It’s the kind of meta story Denny O’Neil would have crafted in the 70s for Green Arrow and Green Lantern. It reads a little silly and on the nose in 2021.

Morrison has always been a cutting edge of eccentric style writer and this is no exception although as of the first two issues, Superman sticks out like an outsider with this mix of personalities. Midnighter and Apollo tackle with a composite blob of psy-powered children and The Enchantress tries to determine if she’s truly in hell.

The Authority’s lineup features diversity, but it’s largely focused on the LGTBQ community and it’s just a bunch of white characters besides Natasha. This is disappointing in the sense this version of the Authority is all new and it would have been nice to see Morrison include characters with different ethnic backgrounds in the mix as well.

Mikel Janin covers the art for the interlude chapters while Fico Ossio, Evan Cagle and Travel Foreman handle the art for the various character spotlights. In this format, multiple artists with very different styles is OK, but going forward it’d be nice to have one artist, preferably Janin, draw the entire issue.

Superman and The Authority is off to a unique start, but with only two more issues left, it’s questionable just what this book will accomplish beyond setting up a new team.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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